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May 24, 2014 44. IT LIVES
Where is the Bloc

What happened? I miss the Bloc!

by Josh Hamman

October 3, 2012 43. Stories
The Case for Waiting in Line

Last weekend, at MorrisonCon I had the opportunity to chat with some of the most inspirational creators whom I regularly…

by Kahlil T. Schweitzer

From The Horse’s Mouth

Heroes can be any grab bag of attributes mixed nicely together into one of the characters that we all know…

by The Cupcake Rogues

Voting Rogers in 2012

American leadership is in an odd spot. The 2012 election is coming fast, and the nation appears divided. In a…

by Nicki Wright

September 12, 2012 42. The Hancock Syndrome
A$$holes are out. Style is in.

For too long comic characters built the framework of their success on the pretense of “badass”. The 90’s boom of…

by Kahlil T. Schweitzer

How to Not Be a Jerkface

The other night while eating some noodles in a Chinese street food restaurant, I noticed a man crossing the street…

by Sara Lindsey

Make The Choice

“You can be anything you want”. We have all heard this before. It’s thrown around at kids when they are…

by Josh Hamman

September 6, 2012 41. Regular Joes
Time, Space, and Super Heroics

The Doctor is a hero, but is he a super hero?

by Frank Campisano

Sunday Reading 9-2-12

Greetings and welcome back to our weekly review of what’s good, bad and ugly in the comic world. This being…

by Skip Scherer

Hawkeye’s Heroism

Jeremy Renner rocked his bow and arrow (and an admittedly non-purple jumpsuit). There’s a community college and newspaper named after him (well…they…

by Nicki Wright