01. The Unbearable Lightness of Rebooting

The first issue of our newly rebooted site. We hope you enjoy all that comes from starting over with a fresh perspective.

02. All's Fair in Love and Retcon

All things change in a retcon, and most frequently that includes the relationships of the lead characters. Most often, starting over is the best place to tell the stories again, or so the publishers believe.

03. If n less than 3, Reboot

Love it or hate it, renumbering is a reality of the comics industry – and it seems to be the only industry that fans feel passionately about the numbers on the front.

04. Sins of the Past

This week we look at the mistakes of the past and toward the possible future of the comics industry – and hope we learn from history.

05. With a Little Help from my Friends

Let’s face it, despite the reboot, Batman will always be safe. Bat-mite on the other hand…? We’re looking at the supporting cast and and teams in a boot-reboot world and the effects they have on readers and characters alike.

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