VOL 2 / NO. 8

I name thee.


See you in a few weeks!

This concludes our second arc of Method of Fluxion- Our teenage war just went from cold to hot, just as Gotfried realized that something was very very wrong with his captain. Wonder what happens next?

You’ll have to wait. Why a few weeks? A couple of reasons: If you haven’t noticed, our Wednesday target has been slipping more frequently, as my day job has been getting crazier. On Sunday I have to head to Austin for 10 days for work for a SXSW project, which will be taking an unkown amount of time.

The other reason, I have to perform some updates on the site. In order to start the series instead of noodling on the site forever, I opted to just roll out with some basic functionality, and to put off other stuff until later. Well, later is here.  I need to make it easier to jump back to the beginning of the series, add some next comic notification updates, and under the hood stuff. As well as some light PR.

We also want to get a leg up on arc 3 production to get us a more regular posting schedule.

And I’m working on a couple of surprises.


Anywho! See you soon. If you’re curious – follow me on Twitter or on Facebook. But we’re shooting for the week of March 23rd. If that changes, see the above Twitter.