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July 27, 2012 38. Maybe Not Quite
Review of The Promised Land Graphic Novel

Have you ever watched someone smart and capable get stuck, and not be able to help get them to where…

by Nicki Wright

Sex Switched Superheroes – The Next Big Thing

Crossovers are so 2011. Gender Crossovers are the new wave in comics.

by Josh Hamman

June 13, 2012 34. 1980s
Sunday Reading 6-17-12

Welcome once again to Sunday Reading. This week I’m taking a look at three books from the comic world: Green…

by Skip Scherer

June 6, 2012 33. 1970s
Sunday Reading 6-20-12

This week Sunday Reading get a re-boot and we take a look at: Avengers Vs X-men #5 (of 12), Dial…

by Skip Scherer

February 22, 2012 30. Ideological Intrigue
Sunday Reading 2-26-12

“Whatever the tasks, do them slowly with ease, in mindfulness, so not do any tasks with the goal of getting…

by Skip Scherer

February 15, 2012 29. My Own Best Influence
Sunday Reading 2-19-12

Welcome one and all to another fabulous addition of Sunday Reading. For better or worse starting this week I’m reading all my…

by Skip Scherer

February 8, 2012 28. Issues of the Past
Sunday Reading 2-12-12

Here we are folks once again celebrating a Sunday with what’s good in the comic world. While I enjoyed my…

by Skip Scherer

January 22, 2012 25. Sequential Stardom
Sunday Reading 1-22-12

Once again welcome one and all to Sunday Reading. unfortunately I am still without power here in the Pacific Northwest and…

by Skip Scherer

January 11, 2012 24. Smoke-Filled Room
Sunday Reading 1-15-12

Welcome everyone to the first Sunday Reading for 2012! After my time off for vacation over the holiday season it…

by Skip Scherer

Sunday Reading

Time to make the end run of the year folks and to kick-start this final month of 2011 let’s take…

by Skip Scherer