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July 27, 2012 38. Maybe Not Quite
Hellboy, Etc With Mike Mignola

San Diego Comic Con 2012 was, in a word, bonkers. I had the opportunity to commune with my fellow nerds…

by Nicki Wright

July 15, 2012 37. Into the Future
Daydreaming of a Digital Decade

The comic industry has taken the digital frontier by storm. So, what’s next?

by Frank Campisano

July 12, 2012 37. Into the Future
The Graphic Novel Edition Addition

Or: The Graphic R. R. Novel I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan. HUGE.

by Nicki Wright

Contemplating “Before Watchmen”

Before Watchmen: possibly the two most polarizing words in the comic book community right now (Grant Morrison is a close…

by Kahlil T. Schweitzer

Long Live Printed Comic Books

Print is dead. Long Live Print.

by Josh Hamman

July 11, 2012 37. Into the Future
The Comic Book Genre – No Longer Just for the Nerds

After the past decade or so of comic book movies raging back, front, and center into our summer blockbusters every…

by The Cupcake Rogues

July 5, 2012 36. 2000s
The Curse of the Comic Book

There is a certain stigma that has always been attributed to graphic novels that undermines the significance of the writers…

by Kahlil T. Schweitzer

When DC Finally Brought it All Together, Only to Let it Fall Apart

The goal of forming a cohesive universe with separate characters that still felt connected as part of a grander story…

by Ronn Blitzer

From the New Frontier to Kingdom Come

Every superhero needs a definitive origin, it could be a high school nerd bitten by a radioactive spider or a…

by Adam Schiewe

A Boy and His Comic Book

A love letter to the series that introduced me to mainstream comics.

by Frank Campisano