Sunday Reading 1-22-12

Once again welcome one and all to Sunday Reading. unfortunately I am still without power here in the Pacific Northwest and am writing this article from a remote location (rather than my nice comfortable home like I usually do). I was able to get my comic this week, but will not have time to read them by the time I need to get this done. Also hopefully by tomorrow I will have power back at my house and then I will have to spend my Sunday Reading cleaning out the fridge and shopping for new groceries…sigh. But fear not, as always Sunday Reading is about the good things in comics / life and the good thing is that some of my fellow Comic Bloc writers have had the time to share their thoughts on what went right this week in comic land. Going to keep my comments to a minimum this week since I got other things on my mind.

Birds of Prey #5

Adam Schiewe had this to say about those audacious birds:

“Every month I save this book for my last read, not because it’s my least favorite but because I know no matter how the books before it were that it will end my week strong. This issue was no exception as we are learning more and more about our cast of characters, seeing what makes them tick and what this life is doing to their personal lives. In particular Starling takes center stage for this character evolution, and for a new character I would argue her character in the new 52 is better than any established character out there. The plot is still revolving around words that kill, something that Black Canary knows too well and is starting to tie into the plot. She’s wanted for murder for killing a man with her sonic scream, I doubt its a coincidence. This is a book I picked up by chance and found myself in love with. The characters matter, they come first and its just fun.”

Memorial #2

Adam Schiewe also went on about this with some pretty bold comparisons:

“When a book is compared to Doctor Who and Sandman, and written by the man responsible for the criminally underrated I, Zombie, I tend to take notice. This series uses different parts of various fantasy characteristics and old character types to tell a fun and engaging story that has you wondering where its going. I don’t want to spoil anything that happens but the book is a fun fantasy story that lives up to its implied inspirations. It also feels like a smaller portion of a larger mythos in the book and I hope after this initial series there are more stories that we get to read.”

Top Recommendation: Wonder Woman #5

Joshua Pantalleresco wanted to rave about that amazing Amazon:

“My favorite thing about this series is how Brian Azzarello has re-imagined greek mythology for this book.  It’s unexpected and fitting all at once.  His Lord Poseidon is something to see to believe.  Diana starts to fight back against Hera.  I like this Diana, she’s a lot more vulnerable and human, almost what I think JMS tried to go for in Odyssee, but didn’t quite succeed at.  Here Diana seems very human and unsure about her place, and the conflicts against her new-found family have added some much-needed depth to her.  This book is one of the best.  Take a look.”

That’s it for this Sunday Reading, I hope all of you are in a warm and happy place and that all your comics are treating you with enough inspiration that you can share with us your best of the best for this week in comics.

Skip Scherer

Sunday Reading 1-22-12