So This Guy Walks Into A Comic Shop

I have a confession to make.  My name’s Bob, and I’m a lapsed reader.  So, I finally have a little scratch to play with and I decide to drop in to one of the local shops and check out some of the New 52.

And they’ve sold out. All of them. At least twice.

It was really weird, yet awesome, to drop in on a Thursday and see so many “We Apologize, but due to the popularity of [blank], we’re currently out of stock” signs on both the new AND last week racks.

They had a lot of reorders of SUICIDE SQUAD on the shelf, but that title hasn’t grabbed my imagination.  The staff, it was WARHAMMER night so the shop was fully staffed and full of people, were glowing with recommendations and were actually excited about the results and were practically giddy about the upcoming DC DARK releases.  Honestly, it was great to step back into a shop and get into conversations with comics folks again.

The clerks I talked to loved ANIMAL MAN, DETECTIVE, and ACTION.  I wanted to check out LSH and WONDER WOMAN (mainly for Cliff Chiang), but those will have to wait for another printing.  We talked about how we both were looking forward to JL DARK and we had a long conversation on I, VAMPIRE.

Now granted, I can go to Comixology and download them, but I’m still old fashioned.  I like paper.  I like talking to the store patrons and clerks. Above all, the shop had a great energy: a positive vibe that I haven’t felt in a shop in a long while.

I placed my orders for ANIMAL MAN, ACTION, I, VAMPIRE, JL DARK, and WW and walked out with JUSTICE LEAGUE and the always great TINY TITANS with a smile on my face and can’t wait til I get paid next Thursday.

Bob Francis

So This Guy Walks Into A Comic Shop