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Old September 10th, 2007   Jake1823 is offline   #1
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Default 8 Things Id Like to See More of in Comics"

...from Jesse Hamm, artist of the graphic novel Good as Lily from DC Comics Minx line. I thought this would be something interesting for artists over here to check out. I'd definitely love to see your views on his list...

Here's the link: http://goodcomics.comicbookresources...-of-in-comics/
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Old September 10th, 2007   dri is offline   #2
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I'll give you a broad opinion, Jake. Those ideas would make the comic reading experience better. I too like the European way of comic book story telling because you do get a sense of space and atmosphere while US comics are more geared towards the character. Not bad but a better sense of place enhances a story. I think that's why I enjoy Frank Quietly's work so much. When establishes character shots, he uses a lot of space. Whether it be a bg or lack of one, it fits nicely within his compositions.

Thinner gutters could be tried. I get the feeling we should think of non comic book readers and find a compromise to help their reading experience a better one. They always complain they don't know how to read a comic.

Thanks for the find, Jake. Simple things that would elevate some work already out. As simple as carefully drawn eyes sounds, unbalanced eyes really undo a drawing. Also more thought balloons! Makes me think of reading Amazing Spider-man.
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Old September 10th, 2007   dynakor is offline   #3
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This was a good article! I pretty much agreed with all of it (and what I maybe did not agree with, I did not disagree with).

I'm gonna talk about the thought balloon. I like thought balloons, and miss them. If you read a novel, you often have access to a characters thoughts thru the narrative, and thought balloons allow a comics reader access to the characters thoughts. Sometimes, knowing what's going thru a character's head makes for a more interesting read.
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