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Old April 20th, 2006   B_n_L is offline   #1
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Default Interesting new trend with WW villains?

I've noticed that Wonder Woman villains are starting to be featured prominently in other upcoming titles. Dr. Psycho's appearing in Manhunter, and now Angle Man is being featured again in Catwoman. I like the idea of her villains making the rounds in the DCU, I think it enriches the whole universe. We see Batman villains, for example, appear all over the place, and it only adds to their popularity, so if the same can be done for Diana's rogues, I'm all for it. My concern though is that maybe these other writers might not have a real handle on the villains in question, since most of Wonder Woman's foes haven't even been fleshed out very well in her own book. And if they're going to be defined anywhere, I want it to take place in Wonder Woman's book, not elsewhere. For example, apparently Angle Man is now a cold-blooded killer, but I don't remember any such characterization being seen in his appearances in Wonder Woman. But now this trait will be in continuity, and we'll be stuck with it for better or for worse. I just feel that such things should be revealed in the villain's arch nemesis' title, not while they're guest starring in someone else's book. But then this begs the question, has Catwoman's writer "stolen" Angle Man to be a Catwoman villain now? This would be even more disturbing, because as one of DC's biggest icons, Wonder Woman's rogues gallery deserves to be fleshed out more as it is, and having her existing villains swiped from her will certainly not help matters.
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Hopefully the villains are used more to interest readers of other books. Wonder Woman's rogues are largely little known outside her book and even her own writers can seem to forget a lot of them in favor of creating some new one (like Devastation) or bringing in some other characters villains (clayface or joker). Sending hers out to other books and using them formidably strikes me as a better way to attract readers since they can have a more impressive image of what she goes up against and hopefully gain an interest in seeing what Wonder Woman can do.
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all I know is that Dr. Psycho creeps me out a LOT, so if WW can handle that pip squeak of horror more power to her.

I do see your concerne that her villains will be co-opted by other heroes (ala GL stealing Major Force from Capt. Atom) but for the most part the more exposure her villains are given, the more evil they are made, the better she will look by contrast in her ability to take them down especially since her villains don't get a lot of face time period.
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