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Default Revenge of the Green Lanterns...

Wow seeing that cover for the one year later storyline served to turn up the heat on my love for the title and gives me something to really look forward to. I have wanted a big cosmic epic type storyline and right on that very cover I see three of my absolute favorite former members of the Corps. I have love. I have loved Laira since her debut in GLCQ #6, Travis Charest drew a beautiful story, sexy female ninja Green Lantern. Kreon the military strategist from Tebis that even impresses Hal Jordan and of course Tomar Tu an homage to longtime Lantern Tomar Re. Now all we need is Arisia! I really hope by the end of the storyline they will rejoin the Corps. I understand all of the pre-Emerald Twilight Lanterns won't return to the corps (like Boodikka) but I hope these 4 will .That plus Reis' pencils look incredible looks like his best work so far, kind of even puts me in a mind of Alan Davis, my first choice for the title. It is good to see the title is in great hands. I am really excited about this upcoming storyline.
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