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Default spoiler(?) Avengers 4 - not a sequel?

TL;DR Dead heroes stay dead. Dimension Travel because 'The End' (6 issues 2003) , 'Time Runs Out'

Back around March, the Russo Brothers had stated that Avengers 4 was not a sequel to infinity war. The Russo Bros. also suggested that the deaths might be permanent (at least some of them).

Most of us assumed that this was just a bit of misdirection, myself included.

But I'm no longer sure that is the case. I no longer believe that Avengers 4 is a time travel movie, though time travel is involved. I'm now of the belief that the surviving heroes will be traveling to an 'alternate timeline' . I believe they will do this because there is a greater threat; time is 'broken', and the danger is now to the multiverse. Further, Thanos is likely to be an Avenger ally against something else.

I came to this conclusion based on the actions of Dr. Strange.

Strange made it quite clear that his responsibility was to guarding the 'Time Stone'. He stated quite clearly that he was going to safe guard the universe, even if it meant letting Stark die.

However, on Titan, Strange used the 'Time Stone' to observe multiple time-lines, looking for alternate realities where Thanos was defeated ; to give the team an advantage.

We know that for the MU (and most scifi tales) no two time-lines are exactly the same. There should have been time-lines where Thanos was not born, where Thanos was killed way before his inifinty stone quest, a reality where the stones could not be found, a reality where someone else wielded the stones, and realities where Thanos lost. I'm sure Strange expected to gloss over and only pay attention to the realties where Thanos had the stones, and where he was defeated.

But what strange found is that only in one universe , out of 14 million, did Thanos lose. This fact so shook the Sorceror Supreme that he surrendered the stone to Thanos, providing Stark's life was spared. Why?

I think it's because Strange realized that time/reality was broken. There was an imbalance in the multiverse. And this imbalance would lead to the end of all things. Strange also ensured that Tony was spared, because he knew that eventually, Tony would facilitate travel to another time-line, where the heroes could attempt to save reality. It's rumored that the 'Ancient One' returns, for Avengers4. If so I suspect she will be the one to inform Tony of the bigger threat.

Avengers 4: Time Runs Out
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