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Old July 27th, 2008   Binker is offline   #1

joined: Apr 2007
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Default Uncanny X-Men #500: Discussion and Review Thread

By Nathaniel Ruff (also known as Binker, Binker2 and Nate on many forums)


Written by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction
Art by Greg Land and Terry Dodson
Covers by Alex Ross, Michael Turner, Greg Land and Terry Dodson
Edited by Nick Lowe

Sentinels? What? And Magneto? And is that the Master Mold? What the hell is going on in San Francisco now that the Uncanny X-Men have relocated there? They’ve got a new Headquarters and a new status quo as the gauntlet is thrown for a new era of mutantkind. It’s all here in the double-sized anniversary issue that sets up the plotlines that will be developed over the next year in UNCANNY. The future begins now!

Astonishing X-Men #25 was my first Marvel issue to review, and good time too, as it was about its new "Second Stage" turning point. Now my second Marvel title to review happens to be another X-title: Uncanny X-Men! Only this time, it is also doubling as my first issue of the title as well. I always wanted to jump on this book, but certain stopped me. Whether it was money, or it ws just that there wasn't a point, even a good one, to jump on towards. And that (not money) was the reason as to why I had not gotten this title. Now, from the heels of Astonishing's turning point, the main X-book gets the same one too. Here is Uncanny X-Men #500!

I've never read Uncanny before, as I said, so I don't know the history if Brubaker had done just good or just bad, maybe even both, on these issues (Fraction is a new addition), but this issue was good, maybe even very good. As promised, it sets up alot of things that this series, if not all the X-books, will be dealing with from now til it's done. In terms of continuity, this is not set after Astonishing, but I see it as before it. This issue's story has those "Two Weeks Later" headers at times during it's storytelling, so Astonishing's storyline could've been occuring during those times as well.

Just as we've been hearing, as much as seen from Astonishing, this is the first canon issue about the X-Men's first experience and welcome in San Francisco. Living there is better than in all the X-Men history with the team, and I believe mostly mutants, living in New York. They're treated like everyone else, and that's what Xavier wanted. Of course, a cetrtain someone may not like that, and that's Magneto. He may have lost his powers, but that ain't stopping him as he has a powered suit with his powers and help from aliens. Is Magneto just filled with enough rage and is so fill with himself that he can't just enjoy what's going on? No! See? That's a reason why I hate Magneto. Another plotline is, and I don't believe that is him, Simon Trask who supplied Gee with the Sentinels that Magneto controlled against the X-Men. If it is him, then he has some powers. But if not, and what I believe isn't, who is it, or they? Finally, we have a new group called the Hellfire Cult, whose sole mission is to bring back the city to the humans and not the "muties". And from the looks of it, two of our X-friends might want to watch themselves.

Overall, this issue was so good, that just like Astonishing, this is a must-read for new and old fans alike. As promised, this issue sets up many plotlines we will be going through in the future: Magneto and his alien buddies, Simon Trask (or something who is controlling him), and the Hellfire Cult. This was set before Astonishing #25, so it offered what was it like for the team to experience and be welcomed by their new home. Compared to New York, to which they've stayed since the '60s, if San Francisco was like this even durin that time, why they didn't move there sooner is beyondf me. Anyway, my second Marvel title to review, and my first issue of Uncanny X-Men was all good, and that has to be the same for others, new and old.


Next Issue: Things start out grim for the newest X-Girl, and is anyone prepared for the menace of the Hellfire Cult?
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Old July 27th, 2008   Binker is offline   #2

joined: Apr 2007
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Because of my life and work, I will now just do 2-3 reviews of comics that I care about instead of doing all from my review title list. This has to be the case. sorry if a title that you like my opinion on isn't what I review on that week.
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Old August 4th, 2008   lbfam01 is offline   #3
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I really enjoyed reading this and thought the art was good. I feel I could start reading x-men and I haven't picked up uncanny in years.l The only thing i think a big 500 issue should have a big reveal, death, intro of a new character (well i guess Magneto is back), you now some huge event. Not so much a set up issue.
...............I'm telling you, this internet thing is just a fad.
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Old August 5th, 2008   chrisbenes is offline   #4
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No Pants Friday EVC

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I loved this issue!!!

I can't beleive that the High Evolutionary is working with Magneto!!!

This issue seemed to lay the groundwork for what I'm hoping is a fun year for our merry mutants.
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