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Old February 19th, 2010   Navydeepsea is offline   #17
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Hawkman is easily the best thing he's ever done. It was my man Geoff at his PRIME. The dude took all of the convoluted pieces of the different variations of Hawkman's many origins and used them. Together. And made it all make sense in one cohesive whole.

It hasn't been done since. I would love to see something like that done again.
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100% agreement with that.
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Old February 22nd, 2010   jafabian is offline   #18
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I loved Geoff and Rags work on Hawkman and wish it went forever. I do wonder how they could have done if the series was about Katar instead of Carter though.
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Old October 22nd, 2010   Bagged & Boarded is offline   #19
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I loved Geoff and Rags work on Hawkman and wish it went forever. I do wonder how they could have done if the series was about Katar instead of Carter though.
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It would have been a completly different book.

Geoffs Hawkman was fantastic! I love'd it and agree it was up there with his best work. Hawkman and his Flash. When those two titles were hitting the stands I was one happy reader. I remember BLITZ and the Thanagarian arc had come out about the same time.

Good times. His original JSA was great too...and Infinite Crisis. That's his best work IMO.
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Old December 29th, 2010   Joshua Pantalleresco is offline   #20
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Didn't read any of his Hawkman stuff, so maybe I'm off but so far...

1. Flash (1st run)
2. Green Lantern
3. Teen Titans
4. JSA
5. 52

Adventure Comics didn't make the list because of the Blackest Night Tie ins. Ugh. (sorry geoff) but his Superboy stuff is incredible. I'm amazed he isn't writing the book now.

Geoff's Flash Run was amazing the first time. He made the rogues interesting and followed a very stellar run from Waid with an even better one. That in itself is impressive. My favorite stuff is the Blitz arc and Rogue War.

I still Think GL Rebirth was amazing (especially the 4th issue. Magical is the only way to describe it with me.) and he's made Hal interesting. Something thaar.t hasn't been done since Engelhart and the early Gerald Jones era runs of him.

I really liked his Titans run. He brought back a classic feel to that series and added some new legacy to the titans themselves and really expanded a few of the characters. Looking back, Titans Tomorrow is still an amazing arc. I really wish Geoff had stayed and finished rebuilding the team after Titans East. Titans was a good run. He made me a fan of this franchise.

These books stick out with me. I think Blackest Night burned me out a little with his stuff this year, as GL is the only thing I'm currently still reading. That said, I may pick up whatever third book he happens to fall into this year. He's starting to grow on me again.
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Old December 31st, 2010   married guy is offline   #21
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For me, his top 3 are very easy.

Flash (The entire run was great. Even Peek a Boo. His current run, not so great )
Hawkman (Took a toxic character & made him great again.)
GL: Rebirth Relaunched a franchise without pissing on everything that came before it.
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