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Old May 27th, 2011   Jake1823 is offline   #193
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WONDER WOMAN pilot wasn't that bad and neither were her shorts

A shame, really. Hopefully it's leaked soon.
Where is everybody?
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Old May 29th, 2011   jafabian is offline   #194
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From CBR's Robot 6 column: Quote of the day | Stop fussing about Wonder Woman and just do

Following recent remarks that Wonder Woman may be a cursed concept, ROBOT 6's Michael May ponders why so many writers tend to overthink DC's Amazonian Princess.
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Old May 29th, 2011   JRCarter is offline   #195
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Found this Wonder Woman screenplay on a Google search:
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Old May 30th, 2011   Eric Q is offline   #196
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Pilot review by iFanboy
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Old June 6th, 2011   SageShinigami is offline   #197
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So this doesn't do it for you?
chrisbenes View Post
...Who drew that? Like, seriously that's everything people have complained about on WW's costume all at once. From the butt floss shorts to the too short (and too tight) brassiere.
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Old June 6th, 2011   zekeman1 is offline   #198
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let this thread die.

ben, does it have a hemi ?
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