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Default Superman Returns Story Details Plus Exclusive Prop Pictures![Spoilers]

The link

Hey Robert

I wanted to share a few things with you regarding Superman Returns. These things might be known but if they are I have not seen it anywhere. I can't tell you how I saw/read this but here are some highlights.

First off, an astronomer is able to see the remains of Krypton and its big news. Not very clear but enough to see that the remains of the planet of Krypton are in pieces. Clark Kent/Superman finds it necessary to find out if there are any survivors or is he truly the last son of Krypton. Superman goes to the Fortress of Solitude and “grows” himself a crystal ship and decides to travel to his home planet.

But here is where the problem arises, Superman is scheduled to testify against Lex Luthor but by him leaving the planet the state has to release Lex and drop all charges.

Superman leaves and does not tell anyone, including Lois Lane.

Lois Lane becomes angry at Superman during his absence and starts writing editorials about Superman, “The World Does Not Need Superman” type of stuff.

As a big fan of real estate, Lex ambitiously plans to make big bucks while Superman is away.

Lex Luthor knowing the location of the Fortress of Solitude decides to pay Superman a house call. It's obvious that Superman is not home. The Fortress of Solitude has a hole in the roof the shape of the Crystal Space Ship that is now en route to Krypton. Lex is free to raid this abandoned home.

Lex Luthor raids the entire Fortress and most of its secrets. It's not just collecting trinkets but the technology that he is after.

It's been some time, maybe even years, and Superman is finally arriving to his home planet of Krypton. He is not dressed in your traditional blue, red and yellow costume but instead a platinum colored suit without a cape.

What he sees shocks him. There remains large pieces of the planet intact floating in space. We even see the large white Dome that we are so familiar with from the first Donner film floating in space.

But as he gets closer he realizes that he is not feeling well. The explosion has created giant pieces Kryptonite. Actually, most of the remains of the planet are almost all Kryptonite. Instead of fleeing he decides to see the remains of his home planet. His ship flies through some giant canyons. He finds these giant statues that resemble the Argonaths from the Lord of the Rings movies. These statues are from past leaders of Krypton. These statues resemble the leader of Krypton that we first saw in the first Superman film.

Superman is finally content that he visited his home world and realizes that he is indeed the Last Son of Krypton.

While Superman was away Lex has been able to study all the Kryptonian technology that he stole from the Fortress. He is getting ready to start implementing his plan, to create a new continent.

The world has continued to live without its hero. It has been able to withstand wars, terrorists attacks and countless other tragedies.

Lois Lane has also continued on with her life. She is in a very serious relationship with Richard White who is portrayed by James Marsden and she is the mother of a young child. The big question is who is the father?

Superman comes back home after being away for a few years.

There is a private space shuttle launch that the whole world is watching. It's a Virgin shuttle on top of a large 777 type plane. Lois Lane , along with tons of other reporters, dignitaries and politicians are aboard the plane in what appears to be a historic event.

There is a malfunction and the shuttle damages the 777 rutter/tail upon its separation and the plane is now on its way back to the ground sure to meet its destruction.

But never fear especially when Superman is near. However, the world does not know that Superman has returned. Superman quickly arrives to try to stop this tragedy from happening. The plane is in a flat spin and he tries to grab a wing but the wing breaks off as he gets a hold of it. He knows that as fast as the plane is going down and spinning he could very easily injure everyone on board. Time is running out and he only has seconds to stop it.

On the ground there is a Championship baseball game going on and quickly the ball players and fans realize that there is a plane headed right towards them. Superman flies to the front of the plane and starts trying control it by its nose. The plane is about to hit the ground when instead of it crashing and burning to a thousand pieces we see the fuselage buckling under the pressure of Superman holding the very front of plane just a few feet away from the ground. The buckling effect is somewhat similar to what we see in the first Matrix film when the helicopter crashes into the building and we see the windows and building buckling and having a wave effect.

Superman gently puts the plane down right on the diamond and centerfield, quickly rips the doors off the plane to make sure that everyone is safe and okay. He goes through the cabin and sees Lois but does not talk to her. He gives the quick little speech that flying is still the safest way to travel (a la the first Superman movie) and quickly gets ready to fly away. When he gets to the door of the plane all the TV cameras that were broadcasting this game worldwide are now pointing right at Superman and his image is on the “giant screen (jumbotron) on the stadium centerfield. Click here for set pictures from LA shoot of Superman Returns!

The entire world now knows that “Superman has returned.”

This is the first part of this major spoiler report. The following reports will include details of a major earthquake in Metropolis, Superman confronting Lex in his “new apartment” (scene 272) and Superman being mortally wounded by …..
Prop pictures

After reading that I suddenly got a need to see this movie now more than ever.
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SUPERMAN RETURNS discussion thread
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Some people are turned off by threads that long.
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Eh, still gonna pass on this.
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