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Old August 14th, 2007   DannyDC is offline   #1
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Default The Batman

I tried watching the first 2 seasons of this and couldn't get into it. But now I hear that Robin, Nightwing, Oracle and the JLA have all been in it.

Does anybody watch this show and can tell me when these characters start making their apperances. Also has the show gotten any better? I hear Alan Burnett is the story guy now.
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Old August 14th, 2007   Bob Francis is offline   #2
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I really didn't like it when it started. When they added Robin in Season 4 I paid attention, and it's grown on me.
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Old August 14th, 2007   booyah is offline   #3
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I've been picking it up on DVD and am loving it. I like the little tweaks to the stories and it really fun. Sure, some times it takes the stories a littlefar into "kids only" territory, but I can deal with that.
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Old August 14th, 2007   Old_Beetle is offline   #4
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I felt the same way about the show initially, not encouraged by the inexplicable absence of the Bat-rogues in the JLU Legion of Doom.

I've since watched 'The Joining' parts 1&2 which included a large role for Jonn, as well as cameos for Hal, Barry, Carter and Ollie. The next season follows a Brave and the Bold template, kicking off with a Superman introducing two parter. The show has definately improved.

They've also had Dini pen an episode that introduces Harley, as well as done a future episode called 'Artefacts' I think, which featured Nightwing and a crippled Babs. Batgirl and Robin have been appearing more and more as well, but are still essentially portrayed as annoying kids.
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