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Old August 13th, 2008   4PointOh is offline   #1
The Lower Frequencies

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Default WONDER WOMAN #23 Spoilers and Discussion

I can't believe no one posted about the final chapter of "Ends of the Earth." I still have to write my formal review (have a ton of work-related stuff to do first), but I want to say that first, Gail nails Diana's voice. Like whoa. Second, Aaron Lopresti is ****ing amazing. For real. Wait to you see how amazing his D'Grath and Troia are. Third, the bracelets have a purpose for something other than deflecting bullets. Fourth, I like Tom Tresser.

More later.

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Old August 13th, 2008   Whealer is offline   #2
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Not only does Gail nail Diana's voice, IMO she nails every characters voice, most especially Donna's. And the art has gotten even better if that can be believed. I am so loving this series nowadays.
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Old August 13th, 2008   Athyns is offline   #3
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Ahhh! Have to wait till tomorrow till I get this issue!

But it sounds great!

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Old August 13th, 2008   Madison Lee is offline   #4
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Madison Lee
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I feel so mentally challenged, I am just not into this arc in the least.
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Old August 14th, 2008   Gail Simone is offline   #5
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Gail Simone

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That's fine, Madison, hopefully you'll like the next little one, sort of a cleanser, and then the NEXT arc is a MONSTER.

But I loved this one, for the crazy characters and for the unbelievable art.
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Old August 14th, 2008   Augustine is offline   #6
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The art work was simply superb in every essence of the word, and Gail is good at sneaking in stuff and really bringing out Wonder Woman into her own. In a way it feels like we're finally getting a Diana that is slowly but surely getting flushed out into who she is and why she does what she does. Plus she's not as always clear cut as some might imagine but certain aspects of her is true.
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Old August 14th, 2008   WonderWatcher is offline   #7
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A great climax and closing issue for the arc.

Firstly the artwork, which was extremely well executed. Aaron is just growing and growing into this book. Diana was beautifully rendered and the dps on pgs 2-3 was stellar but in this issue I noticed the panel to panel continuity in particular as we went through the fight with D'grth and Diana got more and more injured.

I also enjoyed the way Diana wrestled with herself and then seems to reconnect with her humanity during the fight, from saving the chopper and crew (with that great couple of lines and internal dialogue) through to refusing D'Grths proposition and bonding with her lasso again. And how she used the lasso ?. Brilliant. This is just the sort of thing I was getting at when I said I hoped to see more of the lasso as an offensive weapon and used not just to immobilise. Perfect.

I thought the invisible jet was a mite OTT to be honest and I wonder if it really should have been able to fly right through such a terrifyingly powerful being. But I'll give it. And it was a cool way to take down the Demon.

It was intriguing that Diana asked that question of D'Grth, "How can Gods live and permit the suffering that exists in the World" (I paraphrase). She should probably direct that same question as Zeus and Athena next time she sees them. Surely Diana isn't becoming a cynic in her old age ?.

The scene with Tom and Donna was gold although I have a few questions / observations relating to it.

Firstly I can't quite believe the penny hasn't dropped with Tom yet with the Gorilla Knight saying "He meant the Princess harm..." and Donna just turning up like that.

Also, why would Tom just spill the details of his mission to Donna like that, is it because it's as hard to hold the truth from Donna as it is from Diana, or simply that he thinks Steel is full of it anyway and he wanted to see Donna's reaction?.

Regardless of the reason the way she disarmed him, by showing that the Amazons use their bracelets when making vows, was a nice moment.

"He takes everything incredibly seriously. And he carries that weight alone." I'm intrigued, tell me more.

The denouement with the end of D'Grth was another powerful scene as it provided a good illustration of the difference between Diana and the mainstream heroes, including Superman and Batman. Neither of them would have had the courage to do the necessary thing that Diana and her party did.

I was very glad to see Diana stressing she had no regrets immediately after.

Having to take the rest of her soul back from Stalker was a tough thing for her to do, condemning him knowingly back to the darkness she had only known for a few days.

Then there was the humour shot through the book, starting with Diana's "strumpet" comments but particularly Tom's interchange with Donna "I was just telling Nightwing that she desperately need to get.." and his misunderstanding "Wait wait..." was a classic.

Grendel hanging around makes me think we maybe haven't even seen the last of Beowulf too, I actually hope so, I quite enjoyed his appearance.

Steel looks as though he's losing the plot.

There was so much other good stuff packed in but that's enough for now.

One more open question, does Beowulf's sword, which he gave to Diana, have any special properties ?

So, how many Baldwins Bobby ?
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Old August 14th, 2008   curiouswanderer is offline   #8
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I agree, this was another fantastic issue. I just can't believe how much Aaron is growing on this book. He's been around for quite some time and I have always liked his work, but this book is just amazing under his pencil! I'm also really liking the little details he is adding to her costume.

Now the Gail just continues to impress me over and over and over. I really don't think there is anything I can add that hasn't been said already.
The one story beat that has me really curious is Tom went to Diana Prince's apartment where he found giant, white talking gorillas and Donna Troy who is known as Wonder Woman's sister...which she also addressed herself as. She also addressed her sister as Diana. In Diana Prince's apartment. How can he NOT connect those dots????? This is going to be a really fun story.

Grendel's lose in our world...that's gonna be fun.
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Old August 14th, 2008   Madison Lee is offline   #9
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Madison Lee
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Don't get me wrong, I thought the art was great and fit the story perfectly...I think I just wanted something closer to home.
I look forward to the next issue and love that there is a nice cohesive Wonder-verse now.
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Old August 16th, 2008   oddballuk is offline   #10
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Great art, great writing, a very complex and well crafted story.

I also love that, while Gail has a very definite idea of Diana and how she thinks and feels and acts, but that she also clearly has a strong idea on the same for Donna Troy. I was very impressed of her portrayal in this issue.

I can already see that the relationship between Tom and Diana is going to have even more ramifications that i'd originally anticipated. There have been characters introduced in the past as 'love interests' for Diana but this is the first (introduced since I started reading comics) that i've been taking seriously.

That last page with Sarge Steel and the ''Amazon conspiracy'' info he's reading gave me real chills.

Gail is building up to something BIG! REALLY BIG!

I, for one, could not be happier or more hooked with this book and character while it's under the care of Gail.
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Old August 16th, 2008   JRM is offline   #11
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I felt that Gail was through Donna asking fans to give Tom a chance and that he is a worthy partner for Diana. Yeah I liked that.

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Old August 16th, 2008   Bill Walko is offline   #12
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Bill Walko

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Gail, in 3 pages you have written the best Donna Troy in.... well, years.

I love that the sisterly bond of Diana and Donna has been restored. Donna's dialogue is just perfect here. I love the way she is portrayed. More, please.
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Old August 16th, 2008   Binker is offline   #13

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By Nathaniel Ruff (also known as Binker, Binker2 and Nate on many forums)


Written by Gail Simone
Art by Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan
Cover by Lopresti
Edited by Matt Idelson

It's the finale of the 4-part "Ends of the Earth" epic! Wonder Woman returns from the darkest corners of the DCU, and she's brought something nasty back with her! And will Diana fall at the scene of her Amazon sisters' greatest tragedy? You've never seen Wonder Woman like this before!

Part 3 of this four-parter uped the stakes as the long awaited battles between Diana and D'Grth, her against the Black Horizon, all began and heat up. Will Nemesis know next time that Diana Prince is Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman? And how will our Amazing Amazon free herself from this curse that could lead her down a path that both grants her wishes, but is not something to do or be. As always, we had to wait. But now, we don't anymore! Here is the final chapter!

For this final issue of the story arc, the story was solid in that the finale was written well to close the door on this arc, open new plot threads for the next issues to pick up, and still give us a fun time in both the character moments and action moments. Obviously, the main focus was of Diana's battle against the devil known as D'Grth, with Tom Tresser, Donna Troy, and the Gorillas being the subplot. Because of the Black Horizon inhabiting Diana's soul, she displayed viciousness in her attacks and in her words fighting the devil. The red eyes were helpful in making her scary, so kudos go to Aaron Lopresti for drawing this almost scary villain-like Diana, even from that page where she declares her lasso has returned. On the happy note is when her soul returned, and she was back to normal, but she feels sad because her soul went into the Stalker, which is why he was made more of a human being. But when she got that should back, he had nothing again.

Onto the subplot; the secondary storyline with Tom, Donna, and the Gorillas not only bring Tom more in with the Amazons like Donna, but also set up future stories that the Department of Metahuman Affairs will be invovled in. I don't know if this is the case, but I not sure if Tom now knows Diana Prince is Wonder Woman. It would make sense at the end of this issue, but I still recall the mentioning that he thought Diana Prince and Etta Candy were working with the Amazons, and maybe not knowing the connection that Diana Prince IS an Amazon. See? But also, Sarge Steel gets an e-mail with a bit of info saying Tom is now working with the Amazons, and the Amazons are bad news that are coming up.....again. Those made me think of the "Rise of the Olympian" storyline coming up in a couple of issues (Wonder Woman event! YAY!). Oh man, I can’t wait for that, y'know?

Overall, this was a solid read that closed the door on the "Ends of the Earth" storyline, and open new one for the future stories. Diana really came off scary during her fight with D'Grth, the red eyes helped. We have to thank Aaron for that one. The subplot between Tom and Donna ended nicely, and the fact that Donna knew about him and Diana's courtship shows she and her sister had girl talk on that subject. I just don't know if Tom now knows Diana Prince is Wonder Woman, because that was so vague that I couldn't make it out if he knew or not. I might have to leave that as a maybe. But the plot threads being set up for the upcoming Wonder Woman event (Yay!) got me all jazzed up. So for this issue and this story arc in general, it was a solid, done right, down to the roots of myth, story on Wonder Woman. For the event; I can hardly contain myself! But for the two-part coming up next, we'll see if a review by me on that is the case.


Next Issue: Wonder Woman.....the movie?
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Old August 17th, 2008   BlackTornado is offline   #14
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Wickedly awesome arc from beginning to end. I loved the scenes between Donna and Tom, and I also can't wait to see what mischief grendel will cause. I hope we haven't seen that last of Stalker and Oracle, they were really interesting characters
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Old August 17th, 2008   Kyle Sing is offline   #15
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Kyle Sing

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I too really loved this issue. Gail has laid out the Wonder-verse and I can see how it will continue to expand. Moreover, under Lopresti's pencils this is one tight production!

The highlights for me were the following...

-Donna Troy as she ought to be! Thanks Gail!

-Invisible Jet! I've been waiting and can't wait to see more!

-Diana's Gorilla Guards! They're pretty cool.

-Sarge Steel losing his mind over Amazons infiltrating the US government. Intriguing! When Steel finally goes crackers, as most conspiracy theorists do, his position as director of DOMA will be open. I wonder who would be a great fit for such a position? Maybe, Lt. Colonel Steve Trevor? Hmm.

-Nemesis getting Donna's blessing as Diana's boyfriend. Well, 4 out of 5 isn't bad.

Hail Gail,


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Old August 18th, 2008   WC Brooks is offline   #16
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WC Brooks
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-Sarge Steel losing his mind over Amazons infiltrating the US government. Intriguing! When Steel finally goes crackers, as most conspiracy theorists do, his position as director of DOMA will be open. I wonder who would be a great fit for such a position? Maybe, Lt. Colonel Steve Trevor? Hmm.

Hail Gail,

Kyle Sing View Post
I hope to God THAT'S TRUE! Or at least bring him back as a major supporting character.

I always felt it would be cool if DCU pilots like Larry Trainor, Ace Morgan, and Hal Jordan gave Trevor major props.
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