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Old September 20th, 2005   snaketales is offline   #1
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Default DC's Greatest Stories series

I'm slowly collecting DC's "Greatest stories" series of tpbs from the late 80s/early 90s.
So far I have the Superman, Joker, Team-up, 1950s and Flash volumes.
I've read public library copies of the Batman volumes but wasn't impressed.
However, I have come across references to a Greatest Golden Age Stories volume.
Can someone tell me what stories are in this volume?
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Old September 20th, 2005   senzu is offline   #2
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Here you go. I got the information from this site here

Boy Commandos: "The Siege of Krovka" (12 Pages)
Joe Simon/Jack Kirby (w/a)
From Detective Comics #69, November 1942
Batman: "While the City Sleeps" (12 Pages)
?? (w), Dick Sprang (a)
From Batman #30, September 1945
Hawkman: "The Thought Terror" (10 Pages)
Gardner Fox (w), Sheldon Moldoff (a)
From Flash Comics #4, April 1940
Plastic Man: "Where is Amorpho?" (11 Pages)
Jack Cole (w/a)
From Plastic Man #21, January 1950
Wildcat: "The Story of Wildcat" (10 Pages)
Bill Finger (w), Irwin Hasen (a)
From Sensation Comics #1, January 1942
Black Canary: "The Riddle of the Topaz Brooch" (7 Pages)
?? (w), Carmine Infantino (a)
From Flash Comics #96, June 1948
Kid Eternity: "The Count" (12 Pages)
?? (w), Mac Raboy (a)
From Kid Eternity #3, Fall 1946
Scribbly: "The Cartoonist" (4 Pages)
Sheldon Mayer (w/a)
From All-American Comics #6, September 1939
Green Lantern: "The Icicle Goes South" (12 Pages)
?? (w), Alex Toth (a)
From All-American Comics #92, December 1947
Sandman: "The Pawn Broker" (10 Pages)
?? (w), Crieg Flessel (a)
From Adventure Comics #51, June 1940
Flash: "The Rise and Fall of the Norman Empire" (20 Pages)
Gardner Fox (w), E.E. Hibbard (a)
From All-Flash #14, Spring 1944
Starman: "The Menace of the Invisible Raiders" (13 Pages)
?? (w), Jack Burnley (a)
From Adventure Comics #67, October 1941
Spectre: "Boys from Nowhere" (10 Pages)
Jerry Siegel (w), Bernard Baily (a)
From More Fun Comics #57, July 1940
Vigilante: "The Lonesome Kangaroo" (8 Pages)
?? (w), Jerry Robinson (p), Mort Meskin (i)
From Action Comics #128, September 1948
Slam Bradley: "The Streets of Chinatown" (13 Pages)
Jerry Siegel (w), Joe Shuster (a)
From Detective Comics #1, March 1937
Black Condor: "The President's Been Kidnapped" (9 Pages)
?? (w), Lou Fine (p), ?? (i)
From Crack Comics #19, December 1941
Johnny Quick: "The Day That Was Five Years Long" (8 Pages)
?? (w), Dan Barry (a)
From Adventure Comics #144, September 1949
Superman: "Superman Returns to Krypton" (12 Pages)
?? (w), Al Plastino (a)
From Superman #61, December 1949
Robotman: "Robotman Vs. Rubberman" (6 Pages)
Jimmy Thompson (w/a)
From Star Spangled Comics #77, February 1948
Blackhawk: "The Plateau of Oblivion" (13 Pages)
?? (w), Reed Crandall (p), ?? (i)
From Modern Comics #67, November 1947
Wonder Woman: "The Icebound Maidens" (11 Pages)
William Marston (w), H.G. Peter (a)
From Wonder Woman #13, Summer 1945
JSA: "The Injustice Society of the World" (38 Pages)
Gardner Fox (w), Irwin Hasen/Joe Kubert/Carmine Infantino/Alex Toth (a)
From All-Star Comics #37, November 1947
"One Man's Gold is Another Man's Copper Pyrite"
Foreward by Roy Thomas
"The Roots of Magic"
Introduction by Mike Gold
"Creating the Greatest"
Biographies by Mark Waid
Superboy: "Give Your Town a Present"
Jack Schiff (w), Win Mortimer (a)
1949 Public Service Announcement
"The Big Seven"
October 1941 House Ad
Green Arrow: "The Red Feather Kid"
Jack Schiff (w), George Papp (a)
1949 Public Service Announcement
"The Big Eight"
June 1942 House Ad
"Editorial Advisory Board"
July 1944 House Ad
"Action! Thrills! Adventure!"
October 1941 House Ad
"End Notes"
by Robert Greenberger
"The West Wing was basically just John Kerry fan fiction." Stephen Colbert
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Old September 21st, 2005   snaketales is offline   #3
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joined: Sep 2004
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Many thanks.
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