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Old February 2nd, 2016   Amentep is offline   #17
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The absence of a Thundarr comic has bothered me for years, especially when (early 2000's??) nearly every other freaking 80s action cartoon was getting resurrected as comics. THUNDARR WOULD SELL!!! (At least for a year or two, assuming they didn't do something too glaringly awful with it.)
Mr. Wrong View Post
Well I'll be honest, I've wondered for some time why there wasn't some of the cartoon action comics being put out in cartoon form that DC has ties to through Warners.

Are these miniseries or ongoings?
Penny Dreadful View Post
I don't think anyone has said, so I suspect miniseries that could become ongoings if popular.
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Old February 2nd, 2016   superfriend is offline   #18
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as i survey the comicbook landscape the people in charge at DC Comics nowadays are about the last people i'd want to reimagine the HB characters (maybe Avatar would be a worse fit, lolz).

that said, Future Quest with that creative team and (hopefully) some freedom and i'm there.

Wacky Race Land is intriguing.

i have no use for the Scooby or Flintstones reinvention.
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I actually would be interested in checking out all of these. And I'm sorry, but Amanda Connor can draw anything and I'd love it. Her Flintstones interpretation looks incredible to me!
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