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Default Hickman's 'Avengers'

I really liked the first half (up through "Infinity"). An epic scope and the Avengers operating like a well-oiled machine, it was great to read. There was an artist rotation for a little bit, but it generally seemed like Leinil Yu more often than not - great for me as I love his art! There are some heady pseudo-science concepts in play, but it all comes back together to, "They're the bad guys, we're the good guys, and we will not stand for this."

On the flip side, the back half absolutely lost me. That's partly because the gang fall to vices of pettiness and pride. It's also partly because they utterly fail in every way. It's also because the New Illuminati stuff comes in and I never liked that idea in the first place (The Illuminati tops my list of worst Marvel ideas since 2004 when I started reading). Also, the back half has a different artist seemingly every issue. I have no idea what happened, but it can be jarring at times.

I hated the back half so much that I would even advise skipping the "Time Runs Out" prelude to "Secret Wars" 2K15. Another reason it fell flat for me was because there was all this pseudo-science explanation and monologues that could be summed up in like Ah AY SINGLE SENTENCE. Once they finally answer the question of how the incursions even began, it's damn near obnoxious trying to read through it all. SPOILER. Highlight below text to read
Dr. Doom goes through various alternate universes murdering alternate versions of Molecule Man to get at the Beyonders.... because DOOM.

Worth noting that I skipped almost all of the 'New Avengers' run and found "Infinity" to read just fine without it.

Also, Roberto da Costa was a joy to read throughout. Sunspot continues his charming ways into 'New Avengers' post-SW2K15 and he's been really fun to read on Marvel Unlimited.
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I kind of agree that Hickman lost things somewhere around Infinity.

I enjoyed it, but it seemed to spiral somewhat without control after that.
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