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Default Marvel Comics This Week - September 17

Avengers #35 jumps forward eight months to a dramatically-altered landscape. I'm not clear on whether this is an actual or a possible future, but essentially the crux of it is that SHIELD has, for all intents and purposes, annexed what's left of the Avengers. The Illuminati are all fugitives, and Tony Stark is missing. I have run really hot and cold on Hickman's Avengers - for awhile I was referring to them derisively as the Spreadsheet Avengers - but the last 8-9 issues have been really strong for both this and New Avengers. I honestly have no idea where the story is going, which is always a good feeling.

Daredevil #8 is a stellar issue even by that book's usual standard. Absolutely chilling first few pages - anyone who thinks this book isn't dark enough needs to read this issue. It features the Purple Man and deals head-on with the fact that this louse is a serial rapist. Samnee's back on the art after a two-issue break. They've even tweaked the lettering to give a purple effect whenever Killgrave gives an order. Probably the best issue since this title moved out West.

Superior Spider-Man #33, on the other hand, wasn't my favorite. I'm always up for more Otto-as-Spidey but the storyline here seems pretty far afield from Spidey's usual street-level fare. The idea of there being a whole army of multiversal Spider-Men is cool in theory but none of them (other than Otto) have much personality here. I had this nagging feeling all the way through that the plot doesn't really make much sense either, and that Otto is making decisions just because the story needs him to.

Uncanny Avengers #24 continues the "March to Axis", with three members of the team abducted by the Red Skull for purposes that aren't yet clear. Clearly this one is in "setup" mode - I enjoyed the issue but it's part of a larger whole and tough to evaluate as a discrete unit. Sal Larrocca is on art this issue, BTW, which was an improvement over last issue's fill-in.

I still have Hulk to get to.
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Superior Spider-Man #33 - We learn the villain's name is Karn and has two siblings. Morlun is related to Karn, somehow (someway). I didn't have a problem with SpOck taking the lead among Spider-Man -Woman. SpOck is the unique among them. Otto mind, Peter's body. The others are all iterations of Peter Parker, even the female Spider-Man/-Woman.

In Amazing Spider-Man we've been shown Peter is struggling with Otto's inventions/work. Peter understands some, but not all. Anna has had to help Peter with some of Otto's technology. Keeps in line with SpOck being the Superior Spider-Man. Yes, pompous of Otto to give himself that name, but SpOck backed it up during Superior Spider-Man run.

That is a major difference between Otto and Peter, Otto is smarter than Peter. But, Peter is a better Spider-Man, not superior.
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Maybe the X book that crossed over with Ultimate Spiderman? I wasn't too impressed with any Marvel this week. I only thought DD was ok I sort of hate the evil children concept didn't really like it in Wolverine and the Xmen either.
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