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Default Marvel Comics This Week - September 10

How weird is it that Catwoman and Black Cat are not only making heel turns at the same time, but making almost exactly the *same* heel turn? I spent most of Amazing Spider-Man #6 waiting for Felicia to come to her senses or reveal that she's mind-swapped with Doctor Octopus, to no avail. At this point she essentially tried to murder Electro and arguably Pete as well. Hard to imagine how she gets rehabilitated from that, provided she is in control of her actions. Silk is cool although arguably a bit too hyper-competent, especially for someone who spent the previous decade in a locked room.

Powers #11 is the penultimate chapter of "Icons", and with next issue being billed as the "Season Finale" I'm guessing another relaunch is in the works at some point. Walker's fight with Retro Girl is really good. Pilgrim's stuff falls into place a little too conveniently IMO. It's enjoyable overall, though, and I really wish the book came out more frequently. Maybe when the TV show launches we'll get a good solid dose of it for awhile.

United States of Murder Inc. #5 settles that series into a pretty good crime story. Like Powers, it's split between Valentine and the female lead whose name I can't remember, but in this case both segments are solid. It was kind of weird having two Bendis/ Oeming books in the same week - the color pallette on USoMI is muted to keep them somewhat visually distinct. It reminds me a lot of when Greg Rucka and Shawn Martinbrough were doing Detective Comics. Anyway, I like Powers a bit better than USoMI in general, but this particular issue of USoMI was IMO superior to this week's Powers.
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Death of Wolverine #2, Hawkeye #20, Ms. Marvel #8, and United States of Murder, Inc. #5 for me.

haven't got to them yet. bout halfway thru Original Sin right now...and just starting the Vol. 3 TPB of Fatale: Pray for Rain.

my ghod, i read some good comics.
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Death of wolverine 2 for me. Captain marvel was pretty good , ms marvel kind of Bleh and I wanted to like Hawkeye more than I did but for me no doubt even it I thick killing wolverine is a silly idea in general it's been a good story so far.
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