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Question SPOILERS Emperor Aquaman issue #3 Preview & Discussion


The time has finally come for Aquaman and Wonder Woman to bring their battle face to face. But before all hell is unleashed, Diana has a startling revelation to share with Arthur that might change all the reasons behind why they’re even at war. Can Arthur look past the fact that Mera’s blood is on Diana’s hands to spare the lives of millions? Or is he so blinded by his desire for vengeance that he doesn’t care how many more lives are lost in the crossfire?

FLASHPOINT: EMPEROR AQUAMAN #3 written by Tony Bedard and with art by Vicente Cifuentes and Diana Egea, reveals the complex plot of betrayal that has led, what should have been two of Earth’s greatest heroes, to fight to the death. The final issue of this miniseries goes on sale next week.
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I've quite enjoyed this mini.
Along with Wonder Woman & the Furies it's been a decent read.
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Old August 6th, 2011   xBarryxAllenx is offline   #3
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I'm glad to see a very powerful and well written Aquaman. I collected a lot of issues of Aquaman in the 1960's (pre-Super Friends) and never considered him anything other than a great character. I hope the new series is at least this good when it comes out, and considering who is on the series it should be great!
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Old August 13th, 2011   BrandonFordDodds is offline   #4
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I hope there's some way Emperor Aquaman can stick around post Flashpoint, I think he's an interesting character.
In new DCU, taco eats you. -Hernandez Didio
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