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Old December 1st, 2006   phanscot is offline   #1

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Default Wonder Woman and Manhunter

Hello Wonder Woman Fans,

This is to remind you that this upcoming week Manhunter #26 is coming out. It stars WW as she seeks out Kate Spencer as a defense attorny. ( I know my spelling is bad). She needs Manhunter help in defending her actions when taking down Maxwell Lord. The next five issues will be Manhunter defending WW from the Government. IT a must see and a chance to bring back expose manhunter to new fans. Here a link for a five page preview.

Give this link a try and see how Manhunter defends WW. Also if you want something new, then give Shadowpact a try. IT a wonderful setting in exploring the magic of DC and has much potential.

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oh my god, JSA and Manhunter out on the same day?? This just maybe the greatest comic day ever!

Cool interview.
"I don't imagine there will be any X-Men similarities. Except when Damage starts smoking cigars and calling everyone "Bub."

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Old December 1st, 2006   diana_fan is offline   #3
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I'll be buying a couple copies each of Manhunter for its five-issue run here. I really want to see it make it.

I just hope that Andreyko has more of a sense of hte character than Heinberg has shown.
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Old December 1st, 2006   WonderWatcher is offline   #4
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I'm onboard.
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