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Old September 19th, 2005   Dennman is offline   #1
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Default Sentinel and Manhunter.

Here are a couple of entries I did for a contest on the Goddess of De CeeUAnimated website.

First up we have Manhunter a character I designed and did the artwork on, and a poster on that board by the name of Mondo!


Name: Manhunter
Identity: John Jones
Base of Operations: Mobile
Occupation: Private Detective / Vigilante
Marital Status: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Height: 6’7”
Weight 300 lbs
Eaye: Orange
Hair: None

Powers: Strength, Super Speed, Telepathy, Invisibility, Intangibility, Shape Shifting, and Eye Beams.


Alone in an alley, the only thing he could remember before he woke up was having a headache. He hoisted himself up.

To his right were two or three trashcans full of black trash bags. A rat made himself comfortable before chewing on the plastic. On the other wall there was a poster for "Rambo II", evidently years old, because the color was fading. He looked around, and felt rain on himself.

He looked at his hands, and his reflections in the puddles. He looked exactly the same as the poster. He walked forward, cautiously, as if it was a minefield. Suddenly a fierce headache gripped him, he fell forward, and then the flashback started. Green. Red. Gold. Justi. gue. perman.een Lant. Mars. Jon.......and then the flashback stopped. He panted heavily, and found himself lying on the floor, and then the shock came to him. His reflection was that of a tall headed green-skinned thing with orange eaye, which then slowly melted back into the musclular form of Sylvester Stallone. He stood up, then paused in deep thought. "Of course," he spurted out, almost stopping because he realized he could speak. He concentrated hard, and slowly his clothes changed, along with his face and soon he looked like a futuristic version of Rambo.

He left the alleyway. The rain had stopped, but it was still a grey skied day. A shriek came from the other side of the street. A woman was being mugged. He ran over and shouted "Stop!” in a fashion that suggested he didn't even know what it meant, to the mugger. He thunk what the mugger was going to do. The mugger whirled around, aimed his gun, and shot 5 or 6 times at him. He braced himself. He closed his eaye........He opened them just in time to see them pass through him with no harm what so ever, "I must be a superhero, or something" He thought. He punched the mugger so hard, blood spurted out of his nose, and he hit the wall with such force that his head made a loud "CRACK!" noise. The woman looked at the mugger in shock, and then ran away. "Hmm," thought the vigilante to himself. He felt round and pulled a wallet out of his pocket. It opened. 'John Jones, private detective". Suddenly another flashback gripped him "telepathy. Power. Strength. Flight. Shapeshift ....anhu ....Ma..hunte .....ter.... Manhunter." ....He woke up. "Manhunter" he said to himself. "That is who I am. I am Manhunter!”. And so, Manhunter set out to protect the world from villainy, and more importantly, find out who he is, and find out why he can't remember anything without painful Telepathic flashbacks..

Next up we have Sentinel who I designed and worked with everyones favorite Nigthwing (a fellow poster on these boards) on.


When the man once known to the world as Superman came to after the windwipe, he couldn't remember who or what he was. All he thunk was he had a deep moral compass and a strong urge to protect, to maintain justice and expose those who commit crimes. The man took the name Jon after he heard someone using it and thought it felt right.

With his strong sense of justice and his emerging powers, Jon created a costume and a heroic identity for himself, Sentinel. With his powers, Sentinel could live up to his name and become a Sentinel in the battle against evil.
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Hey someone stole my pics what the hell
"On a steady diet of soda pop and Ritalin"
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They'll get fixed once Pirate Day is over.
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Sentinel rocks.
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