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Old May 24th, 2009   CreativeArtist is offline   #161

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Default My contribution to this thread

Name: Wendell

Age: 42

I am: An illustrator

Location: Maryland

Current occupation: Self-employed graphic artist, web designer and Flash animator.

(In terms of Life): My Father
(In terms of musical talent): Prince
(In terms of motion picture actor) Sean Connery
(In terms of comic books/Artists): Neil Adams, George Perez, Jim Aparo, John Byrne, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Michael Turner, Mark Texeria Marc Silvestri, The Kuberts, The Romitas, Walt Simonson, David Finch, Duncan Rouleau, Alex Ross, The Romitas, Steve McNiven, Phil Jimenez, Ivan Ries, Ethan van, there are SO many more, I can't list list them all.

My Style: Not sure

Favorite Piece of work (comic related): Graphic novel, The X-men: And God Created Man, followed very, very closely by Batman: The Long Halloween.

Bio: I am a Long time comic book reader and although Superman was the character who first got me hooked on comics, THOR is my all time favorite. I still enjoy freehand drawing/illustration, but after teaching myself Flash animation (to animate my character The SYMBOL), I now find myself far more interested in animating superhero related content (stand alone cartoons and motion comic-type advertisements) instead of just drawing them. I am currently working on a 10 episode, web cartoon of another character of mine (Starwing) and along with that project, I am also working on the web comic for The SYMBOL (see teaser images below). Stay tuned!


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Old May 24th, 2009   momoney433 is offline   #162
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Reading Impulse. Duh.

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Very nice stuff, Wendell!! Glad to see you down here in the Crit Forum! As I told you before, awesome job on the cape in that second picture!
'I am normal it's the rest of the world that's weird.'
Bart Allen
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Old May 25th, 2009   CreativeArtist is offline   #163

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Very nice stuff, Wendell!! Glad to see you down here in the Crit Forum! As I told you before, awesome job on the cape in that second picture!
momoney433 View Post

Thanks MoMoney, I do appreciate your compliments concerning my work

I'll try to post more "stuff" soon.
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Old May 26th, 2009   CreativeArtist is offline   #164

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Another picture of my character, The SYMBOL.

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Old September 5th, 2009   DEW Luvr is offline   #165
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DEW Luvr
Je N'ai Pas Des Mots

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I'll do this again, I've grown since then!



Purchase College: Conservatory of Art & Design
(Westchester, NY)

Are you a penciller, colorist, inker or writer?

I pencil, I photoshop...don't do inks. And I like to write fiction.

Current occupation
Full-time student, but I did scoop ice cream for four years!

My grandmother, and your very own Bob Francis

Your Style
It's got its roots in anime.

Favorite Pieces of work
Click the thumbs for full view if you want


Those who know me would say that over the past several years, things with me have changed. I let people see the real me, and I longed to improve and mature in everything I did. From my artwork, to my writing and the stories I want to tell. But, when I'm around my best of friends, I'm not afraid to be completely insane =)

I have a love for drawing, photography, writing, violin, and singing. But I finally found myself in college for art and design, and I guess I belong there, being nominated for a Davey Award and all.
♫I'm not certain of the way it was and I'm not sure what I could of done oh but I wonder if it had been enough♫


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Old September 20th, 2009   manofpaincomics is offline   #166
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Name:Steven people call me The Biggie
Location:Denver Colorado
Are you a penciller, colorist, inker or writer? I'm a writer.
Current Occupation?I'm a culinary student
Inspiration? I would have to say George Orwell and Alan Moore
Your Style?My style is realistic, and original. I have problems trying to decipher a style.
Favorite Piece of Artwork?My favorite piece of artwork is persistence of memory, before I die, I will write a comic set in a world like that.
BIO? I'm "the biggie". Everything I do could be considered big or I just don't do it. i love to write screenplays and comics. I think that if the culinary arts schooling doesn't work out i'll focus on writing comics. I like to keep my writing rather "human", which means I include cursing blood tears and sex into my scripts. When it comes to my writing I like it to remain mine, I don't like suggestions on how to change characters. I figure their mine hands off. I do have a writing partner, his names Cody. Me and him are writing a comic series off a character I created for a class. We hope to pitch soon.
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Old March 14th, 2010   RetroWarbird is offline   #167
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Name: My name is K.A. Jones.

Age: I'm twenty-four. Live in Utica, New York. I pencil, color with a computer sometimes, and I'm terrified of inking. For the last few years drawing has really taken a backseat to painting and I'm a little rusty. Also, I write a ton.

Occupation: I'm currently anticipating fine arts school in the fall, so I can get competent. Not competent like I am now, but professionally competent.

Inspiration: Inspiration is a tricky thing. I mean, I'm inspired by Frank Quitely's "ugly, but natural" amazing pencils. Or J.H. Williams insane experimental layouts. But that's just what inspires me from the comics medium (as opposed to films, reading, real life, and more).

As far as influences, though? Purely, 100% Neal Adams. He's the level I strive for. Aparo, Rogers, and Grell for their similar skills, and how they still manage to differentiate. Herb Trimpe and Mike Vosburg had a HUGE impact on me (G.I. Joe was my gateway into comics and they showed me that storytelling and realistic anatomy is better than big, high contrast muscles.) and Denys Cowan, because he's not afraid to get a little angular, a little out of proportion, just a little disheveled, make the mood freakier or more abstract.

Style: My style? I've got a long, long, long way to go before I really have one. Most of what I'd like to do plays to 70's DC sensibilities, although I suppose I make it my own? I use a lot of outlines (Because I'm not that good at shadows or foreshortening ... or planning things out). And hatch with rough, scratchy motions (Unless I try really hard for clean lines).

Piece of Work: Not necessarily favorites, but the best things I've done in the last few weeks ... sure ...

Bio: Not much to tell. I've been drawing my own characters and coming up with massive stories to involve them in since I was six years old. I grew up on comic book characters, primarily Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superman, G.I. Joe. I pretty much still gravitate toward Batman, Superman and G.I. Joe, but I'm absolutely obsessed with Aquaman. As a kid I always wanted to be a cartoonist (or a video-game designer, basically to flex the same creative muscles) but somewhere along the line I forgot about it.

Meanwhile I do a lot of tattoo-related artwork, all my friends are tattooists or musicians. My hobbies are 90% related to storytelling (Reading and analyzing books, watching and analyzing movies and television more than is probably healthy).
Nekron. Comic Con. Necronomicon.
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Old November 7th, 2010   imnosuperman is offline   #168
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Master Geoffan

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Name: Kenny

Age: 19

Location: Wilmington, NC

Are you a penciller, colorist, inker or writer?
I'm a writer. I've tried my hand at drawing, some things happened, and now I'm not allowed anywhere near the art classes at my high school.

Current occupation: Full-time student, but I'm looking into some part-time jobs so I can afford this unhealthy hobby.

Inspiration: Bryan Lee O'Malley, Gail Simone, Geoff Johns, Bryan Miller, Sean McKeever, Matt Sturges, and Brian Michael Bendis.

Your Style: I don't really have a set genre that I like to work in. In the past, I've gone back and forth between fantasy, science fiction, and realistic, drama-driven stories. Nowadays, I mainly tell superhero stories and alternate between comedic and dramatic tones in my writing.

Favorite Piece of Work:

These are a couple of short stories of mine for a pet project I've been working on. I've gotten into reinventing Golden Age and Silver Age characters recently, and these are the first two in the collection.

Bio: I've loved the idea of superheroes ever since I was a child, but it wasn't until I was older that I discovered just how powerful and entertaining their stories could be. For the past couple of years, I've been developing my writing and trying to improve it so that I can one day write stories that can be enjoyed by anyone. It's become my goal to get at least one story of mine published.

I sent in a submission to Dark Horse a couple of years ago, but it got turned down (for good reason). It's good that the idea was rejected; it wasn't one of my best. Even if it was mediocre, it still helped me by showing me where I needed to improve in my work. Since then, I've studied the styles of my favorite writers in order to find ways to make my own style better, and what I can do to make my book enjoyable. It's taken a while, but I've finally finished a script that I am proud of, and I am currently searching for an artist to collaborate with in order to get the book drawn and submitted to a company.
Will Work For Comics

Like RPing? Then check this forum out:
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Old April 17th, 2011   023750260 I Rock is offline   #169
023750260 I Rock

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I'm not a artist but take a look at this :
This is a character which a formfitting black suit armor ( super hero style ) with some golden parts armor ( warrior style ) , more than 26 symbols on the character : Cross , Alpha , Omega , Time , Infinity , Thunder , Justice , Sun , Key of Life , Gene , Universe Creation symbol , ...

Time symbol on the great belt , we can think about sthing like WWE champion belt , the shape should like that , when this char move , fighting , the shape of the body will “ EAT “ the shape of the belt , or the belt belong to the body , so the shape of the belt will not make he feel difficult when he fight .

Making a little difference between Human kind sole with character sole so we will have a better surface soles to put Thunder symbol .
Sun symbol protecting knees pad can shinning like a sun , it's meant a mobile sun on the knees .

Infinity symbol shinning to protect him

He use a couple full white scar Jomungan Snake to connect with Weapon so at least he can act like Kratos , but that not all

Perform a Universe Creation symbol is little difficult , but a little cheating with the width of the collar of the gauntlets , we can have a better surface on the gauntlet to do it .
I design and register my char in VietNam .
I hope artists , writers , ... can pay attention on this char , I'm just can design it , but not a artist to put it in the comic world , cartoon world , have you ever see a powerful character like this before ?
To MOD : would you please let me have a chance to post a new topic on the Crit Forum about my char for having more attention of the people ? . You know it's cost a long time to design him .
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Old April 17th, 2011   023750260 I Rock is offline   #170
023750260 I Rock

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The picture you see , Guile and Batman arms , Kratos arms , put the Alpha , Omega , Universe Creation symbol is easy , not very if I design a little .
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Old April 17th, 2011   023750260 I Rock is offline   #171
023750260 I Rock

joined: Apr 2011
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This char have 3 more Unique Weapon : a couple of shield , base on a symbol , which a circle number inside : 600 billion number , do you know that does it mean ? NASA know at least about 500 billion galaxies inside the Universe , I choose safe number 600.
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Old November 5th, 2011   IndieMedia is offline   #172
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Default Producer

Name: Curt
Age: 27
Location: Cali
What I do: I am a producer/director/editor/writer
Occupation: Sales for Micro-Finance co.
Inspiration: Indie...I feel indie publishers are limited by the nature of the biz and am looking for ways to market their material to a larger audience Examples of my work:

"Zombie Tramp" by Dan Mendoza, produced by Super Real Graphics

"Mess" by Sean Dietrich, produced by Industriacide
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Old December 4th, 2011   Ed Eargle is offline   #173
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Ed Eargle

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Wow. Doesn't seem like it's been that long since I frequented this forum but it says I haven't been here since 2007. Don't know if I ever did this or not but here 'tis:

-Name Ed Eargle

-Location NC

-Are you a penciller, colorist, inker or writer? Mainly Inker but I do some Penciling, too.

-Current occupation Some background inks in books but nothing that I've been credited for in the big two.

-Inspiration Too many to mention but special mention does need to go to: Bernie Wrightson, Jay Leisten, Geof Isherwood, Tim Vigil and Mark Morales.

-Your Style This is where I struggle. I don't feel that I completely have a style of my own. I gravitate towards more realistic art but, as noted previously, I love Bernie Wrightson art.

-Favorite Piece of work Inked this from a lo-res copy years ago and recently not only got Bernie Wrightson to sign it, I got a copy hand colored by Laura Martin that she just killed it on.

I acquired the original pencils to this Mico Suayan page and inked it on blue lined copy. Not really unhappy with it.

-Bio Long-time fan of comic books and comic art. Mostly a Marvel Zombie but I do read a few DC titles as well. Been drawing since I was little and have always wanted to work in comic books.
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Old May 24th, 2014   genuks is offline   #174

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Default Dr.Genuks Comics & Illustrations Art

Greetings to all!
Still wonder if there is any chance on visitors at this section so far?

No matter what do believe I still can place my info, to let people know my Art.
Simply every successfully backed Crowd-founding related Projects are coming with certain bill for the great Artistic Content. Thus I offer you to look through my Gallery to make sure you are picking the the golden mean in between the price and Artistry.

Looking forward to your offers, Please no request for freebies!
livid-sky-warrior by dr.genux, on Flickr
Worship-newer-gods by dr.genux, on Flickr
ValkyrieDarkSteel by dr.genux, on Flickr
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Old June 1st, 2014   Komic_Brew is offline   #175

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-Name : Goce Cvetanovski

-Location : Paris, France, and Skopje, Macedonia.
(recently co-founded a publishing company in Edinburgh, UK)

-Are you a penciller, colorist, inker or writer?

-Current occupation
Been directing films and animations for 15 years now, and auto-financed some graphic novels. Decided to jump in the fire and try publishing.

Roy Thomas, and the UK wonder kids : Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison. Many others, too.

-Your Style
dark fantasy, horror. That's my favorite. but writing anything that brings bread to the table. This summer, among other projects, I'll be writing a musical comedy for kids, long feature animation.

-Favorite Piece of work
Hard to say, but I'm a hard-core Conan fan, and it is Big John Buscema's fault
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