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Default [Iron Man] What makes a comic good is alcohol and posh broads

Iron Man: Avenger, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., gnarly ass dude, all around ******* and good guy that saved the USA by making Spider-Man divorce his hot wife for Satan and killing Capt America or something (that commie read Marx and started leanin' all left anyways brother). This thread is here to discuss all glorious comics written about the character living every frat boy's dream and is enhanced if read or responded to while sky diving on a surf board with a group of your closest friends that all wear AXE body spray and use "products" in their hair. Drunk. With the legs of some hot piece of trim wrapped around ya head.

I'll start with the latest title. Please heap on your favorites in a big, undulating, hot, sweating and throbbing pile.

The Invincible Iron Man
Scribe: MATT FRACTION - who humps your MIND with his written word!
Pencils: SALVADOR LARROCA - who should be a ****ing star already (maybe he already is but I'm just that out of touch with Marvel?)

Milking that plump young virgin cash cow, Marvel launched this book on the heels of the theatrical release of Iron Man - if I'm not mistaken the very same week.

This title features story telling and characterization that strongly reflects what was presented in the movie. There's a hint of continuity in there, links to the greater fictional universe it resides in, but it manages to stand very strong on its own. The plot involves terrorists wielding technology very similar to that of Stark's, used to change people into what appears to be low yield nuclear human bombs. The book is a narrative, taking the reader on a trip through Tony Stark's inner machinations and self reflections as he collects data about the tech and its creator(s) and prepares to confront them. Yea, a lot like the movie.

The antagonist of this book is truly memorable. I assume he is Stane's (the Iron Monger from the movie) son. Dunno, very new to the new Marvel here. I loved this book, can't recommend it highly enough.

Story: 9/10 - Geoff Johns good I **** you not
Art: Rags Morales trolling Liefeld on some forum/Frank Miller (I.E. very, very good)
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