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Default Random Punisher Thoughts

1. Al Jazeera had a news item about members of a notorious Guatemalan paramilitary group who had been used against Guatemalan leftists. Apparently, not only were these group members fiercely loyal to their employers, but their dedication included being able to go without food or rest for several days until their mission was accomplished. Mexican drug lords have started recruiting these Guatemalan paramilitaries for apparently handsome salaries.

Now imagine if one of the criminal organizations The Punisher regularly decimates decided to hire, say, two dozen of these Guatemalan paramilitaries to (preferably) take down The Punisher permanently or make Castle's life extremely difficult.

2. If The Punisher had the closest thing to a confidante among the Marvel heroes, my vote would be for The Valkyrie. Consider the similarities between them. Both of them possess wartime experience; have killed men in battle without developing angst over it; have seen both the good and the bad die.

In addition, The Valkyrie sometimes lacks a social approachability that Castle would be familiar with. This sort of personality would provide the type of social interaction that would work for The Punisher: close enough for social contact but distant enough to preclude intimacy.

Then again, the fact that The Valkyrie's identity is tied up with Norse mythology would work against the street-level Marvel Universe vibe Rucka is shooting for...
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