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Old June 13th, 2011   mego joe is offline   #33
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mego joe

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I'm getting a few more books than I normally get from DC.


They are all on a short leash, if they don't catch my interest in at the most 2 issues HACK HACK HACK!

I've never really been that way before (hell for some reason I'm still getting Generation Hope from Marvel) but if DC isn't going to support the characters I've grown up with I see no reason to support the characters they have chosen to restart things with. I have years of investment with the other versions, this one I do not.
LionKnight View Post
I think it's important to realize that DC will be swayed most not by eloquent letters and fan rage- but rather sales. They aren't trying to make us happy, they are trying to reinvigorate their company in order to increase profits.

Now more than ever- BUY WHAT YOU LIKE!
Rise from the ashes and blaze in everyday glory.- Rush[br]It was so much simpler before the Crisis. -Me
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Old June 13th, 2011   handler313 is offline   #34

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I was thinking how bad things are right now. All the depression, anger, mistrust, and general ire about what's happening...imagine how it will be in September. AHAHAHA I'm excited to see fan reaction, or should I say over reaction.
darthlucifuge View Post
It is going to be epic no doubt

To be honest though, I am looking forward to people who are overreacting now changing their mind once things start out. Maybe some of the people upset dont run away screaming and try stuff and actually like it. Maybe some of the people who dont like "Dark" titles or other genre's take a flip through and end up buying them. Maybe some of the old school, hardcore continuity nuts who have been ticked off at DC the last few years get something they can really get into.

That is what I am looking forward to, a lot of the whining and negativity turning into actual sales and people enjoying their hobby again.
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Old June 13th, 2011   Matches is offline   #35
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stepping aside

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That is what I am looking forward to, a lot of the whining and negativity turning into actual sales and people enjoying their hobby again.
handler313 View Post
I admire your optimism. However, I think you must be new to the interwebs.

You may rest assured, though, that a large number of the people telling us every 10 minutes how disinterested they are will either keep buying the books, or will download them illegally so they can complain "intelligently."
@allstarmatches on Twitter.
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Old June 13th, 2011   handler313 is offline   #36

joined: Jul 2007
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Well I didnt say they ALL would...but there is always a few

I do always find it funny that some of the most vocal whiners still somehow know what happens on every page in every panel of specific comic books that came out that week
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Old June 13th, 2011   Patrick is offline   #37

joined: Jun 2003
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I am exited for:

* Geoff Johns writing Justice League with Jim Lee drawing (though the delays are going to be annoying)
* Scott Snyder's Run on Batman
* Grant Morrison back on a Superman title after All-Star
* Green Lantern keeping its creative team
* Batman and Robin by Tomasi & Gleason
* Catwoman by Judd Winick

I am optimistic about:

* Dan Jurgens' JLI with Aaron Lopresti
* Nightwing by Kyle Higgins and Eddy Barrows
* Peter Tomasi returnung to GLC
* Aquaman by Johns and Reis
* what Synder will do with Swamp Thing
* Batwoman by Williams III
* The Outlaws with Jason, Roy & Kory
* Babs by Gail, but only because she is so enthusiastic!

I am skeptical regarding:

* The new Teen Titans
* Flash written by Manapul
* The new Version of Firestorm
* Hawkman being savage!?

I am disappointed of:

* Winick not being involved in JLI
* The cancellation of Secret Six
* No more Booster
* There not being the announced second Flash title Speed Force featuring Wally
* No Rucka
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Old June 13th, 2011   General grievous is offline   #38
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General grievous
Uber Geoffan

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Morrison's Action Comics and Johns JLA. Swamp Thing and Animal Man.
"There is a Grant, Morrison be thy name!"
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Old June 13th, 2011   jsf is offline   #39
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I'm really beginning to anticipate:


Sgt. Rock

Justice League Dark

Animal Man

Swamp Thing
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