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Flash #29,30: Okay story. Hoping Iris and NuWally don't stay out of the book too long...Barry not acting like himself would be far more meaningful if characters we were invested in were seeing it. I do like Bloodwork...Barry is long overdue for a good new Rogue (well one who doesn't die at the end of the story anyway).

Hal & the GLC #27,28: As a non-fan of the New Gods I'm really liking them in this arc. Maybe it's because they're being treated like actual Gods. (When they share a cheeseburger as members of the JLI, they become far less interesting). The fakeout on Orion's death was well scripted.

Batgirl & the BOP: Honestly...meh. I want to like this book, I really do. Part of the problem is DC can't seem to figure out what to do about "Oracle" after 6 years. I like Babs as Batgirl, since she's the iconic one. So put somebody meaningful in the seat, who has resonance with all media. It should either be Chloe Sullivan, Felicity Smoak, or Bette Kane. God knows they're never going to properly utilize Bette, but they could have their cake and eat it too with Bette as an ex-Batgirl Oracle.

Green Arrow #30: Was good to see Hal back with Ollie after a million years...we haven't really seen it since the dawn of nu52. This was probably the best installment so far of Hard Travelling Hero.

Cyborg #16: Singularity Aftermath has been a better story than Singularity. The Mother Box backstory was actually pretty good. This arc also showed that Gar Logan needs to be a supporting character in the book (the real one, not digi-Gar lol). Art and writing on this book both continue to rock.

Batman #30: Good, but did we really need an "interlude" on a very talky 6-issue arc? Still, never thought I'd be this invested in Kite Man.

Batgirl #14: Really liked the Robin/Batgirl flashbacks. Since nu52 started "5 years later", we never really got to see young Dick and Barbara. Well, not since the 1940's and 1967 anyway. And I wasn't reading then. so...

Nightwing #28: Good installment. Was sad for Shawn, but good twist. Still wishing I liked the art better. Too sketchy for my taste.

Green Lanterns #30: Another good chapter of Out of Time. Never thought I'd be rooting so hard for Simon. Those poor original Lanterns though. Talk about Lanterns-In-Fridges!

Wonder Woman #30: Overall, as a palette cleanser arc it was okay. Just didn't feel like it had the gravitas of Rucka's storytelling, but good to see lots of page time for Steve and Etta. Ready for Robinson to come on board and up the game.

Superman #30: The battle with Sinestro and Parallax played out as expected, although the visit to Qward was fun.
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