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Old June 14th, 2005   franksmapdi is offline   #1
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Default Limited Edition HC's: buy for keeps or sell?

Let me begin with a brief story...

I'm a HUGE fan of Usagi Yojimbo and, if any of you know, Usagi's creator, Stan Sakai, has a deal where he makes the regular TPB's and these signed and numbered limited edition hardcovers. Anyone who gets these, especially the old ones, knows they are bloody hard to find. For instance, I got the hardcover of "Grasscutter" on eBay last week for ~$150. The previous week I had lost it for $330! The HC's normally sell for $60 when they come out.

So, this got me thinking: do any of you folks buy the limited edition HC's of Usagi, Savage Dragon, Sin City, or whatever for keeps or do you buy them with the intent to sell them for profit? Considering that, for just Grasscutter, thwere are only 350 HC's world-wide! It seems like a real crappy thing to do to buy with the intent to sell again!

Thoughts and opinions would be appreciated!
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Old June 14th, 2005   Can1 is offline   #2
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I buy them to read.
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Old June 14th, 2005   Danjester is offline   #3
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I don't buy the UY hardcovers, just becasue I got the first nine in sc, so want the set to match.

I generally only buy hardcovers that I want to read over and over. That said, I'm probably going to sell my GL/GA hardcover slipcase edition sicne I read it once and then it just became a good bookend.

I've got the COIE hardcover and the KC one with the extra volume of sketches and fluff.

I'll deffo get the IDC and GL:R ones too.
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