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Old February 6th, 2014   Simon DelMonte is offline   #1
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Simon DelMonte
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Default DC Comics This Week - January 29

Forever Evil 5 - We are more than half way home, and yet we're just getting the full team of villains who will do something about the Crime Syndicate. As before, there are some interesting moments, but everything is happening so slowly. I am sticking around because we're nearly one and because I think there might be some big repercussions. But overall it's been sort of a dud.

Phantom Stranger - At least the "Blight" arc is starting to move, or at least it's gotten past dealing with Blight. Fairly good character work and strong art, but I do hope that when this is done, JM gets to tell some standalone stories and not worry about the rest of DC's magic users.

Green Arrow - More happens in this issue that has in three months of Forever Evil. Sorrentino's stellar art keeps the momentum going even when it feels like Lemire is trying to tell too much story. But the plots are definitely interesting, and Oliver's reaction to the big revelation from last month is very well handled.

Swamp Thing - The origin of Capucine, and the beginning of the new status quo for Alec and for some other denizens of the Green. Good art by Pina to accompany a very strong script from Soule.

Green Lantern/Red Lanterns - Here's hoping that fans of the former get as hooked on the latter as I have. I like much of what Vendetti is trying to do with Hal and the GLC, but it sometimes feels a bit clumsy. And Tan does not draw a great Hal. A good comic to peek in on every now and then but not nearly as good as Red Lanterns, which somehow manages to wrap up last week's story and dive into the mystery of Red Lantern Supergirl with ease. The Reds remain one of the more fun comics around, something that GL doesn't quite achieve. But at $3 for both comics, it's worth it to buy and read the whole thing.
Simon DelMonte
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Old February 9th, 2014   Matches is offline   #2
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Big DC week for me this week. Forever Evil #5 is the big "event" of the week, I guess. I enjoyed it ok, still have some reservations about the way this story has been structured, and the art remains... unfortunate. Much of this issue is given over to the formation of what amounts to a replacement Justice League led by Luthor. It's not hard to see the shift of power in Luthor's direction, even as Batman ineffectually protests the same.

Question re: the end - whatever laid waste to Earth-3 is now appearing on our Earth. Has the Anti-Monitor shown up in the New 52 yet? The red sky at the end looked like a visual cue, and of course it was the Anti-Monitor who destroyed the original (pre-COIE) E3. I guess the other big possibility is Darkseid but something feels wrong about that.

Earth-2 #20 was fine - not a bad issue but it feels as if it's moving too slow. Would really like to see more forward plot momentum. Scott was missed on the art this issue as well.

Batman '66 #27 has the return of Mr. Freeze in a new story. German Mr. Freeze is always pretty cool, pun unintended.

Trillium #6 was lovely. Lemire's getting closer to the endgame of that series so he's starting to pull things together. Again he experimented with format in this issue, with upside-down panels reflected the change in perspective between the two leads. It can be a challenge to read on the iPad without locking screen orientation, and at times I have found that distracting - it worked for me this issue, though.

Detective Comics #28 does an admirable job of "committing to the bit" in what is really kind of a silly story. If the first part mirrored "Perchance to Dream" from B:TAS, this one was "The Last Arkham" from Shadow of the Bat in the 90's. I'm pretty sure this thing has plot holes all over the place, but it's engaging enough to distract the reader from them.

Batwing #28 jumps away from "Gothtopia", and actually seems to be set after that story is over, moving instead to a relatively by-the-book story about the new Ratcatcher and his boss, the dude who was introduced as an adversary of Luke's in the Zero Year issue. Like Detective, Batwing is rarely spectacular but almost always a good read, and this issue is no exception.

Action Comics #28 was excellent - Aaron Kuder is just killing it on the art. Pak's version of Lana Lang is the best one in a really long time, and he really nails her playful friendship with Superman. This run is four issues in now, so I don't think it's premature to say this has become one of DC's best books, and the best Superman title since the relaunch (and probably a good piece before).

Still working through the rest of my stuff - first week of the month is my DC avalanche week.
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Old February 9th, 2014   Hierarch555 is offline   #3
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Only one book deserves this spot, especially if you are a Superman fan:
1. Action Comics - Everything Matches said, seriously, don't trade wait this. Get it immediately and then buy the hardcovers, if they come out, to have something pretty for your bookshelves.

2. Swamp Thing - Everything that has been said about this run has been said. It is almost on par with Alan Moore's stuff. I really like Capucine and Swampy's interactions. I also love that DC found a rotating art team that are almost indistinguishable from each other (like Marvel did with Hitch and Edwards during Millar's Fantastic Four).

3. Earth 2 - Obviously I liked this since I made a thread on it (I almost never do that). This book is getting better and better. I'm psyched for the second title coming out because I need more of these characters.

The rest: Tec, GA, and GL/RL were not their best issues but were decent.
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Old February 9th, 2014   Alan is offline   #4
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Still waiting to get to the comic shop this week! There was a tube strike in London last week (and next!) in mid week. Might get to a shop Tuesday, so I'll be a bit late commenting! Filled up the gap with lots of Marvels from Marvel Unlimited though.
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