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to be honest it's all fascinating. I remember when more threads were like this, it was pretty great.
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Yup ... <grinning>

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If you re-introdcue a character who was previously white (enough with the PC nonsense) with the same name, same superhero persona, same powers, same personality, etc. and the only change is that the "new" character is now is that NOT racially motivated.

See, for me, racism is not the one way street people paint it to be. If race or skin color is your motivation for doing something GOOD OR ILL, you're being racist. IMHO. If they reintroduced John Henry Irons as an Asian or a caucasian and gave him the same origin and personality and made him Steel, it would be racist. The big difference is that the latter case would be labelled as such while the former would be applauded as "diverstiy in action".
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I agree, and it also would just seem like a lazy way to go about trying to be more diverse.
In the spirit of "enough with the PC nonsense", I have to say that the racial bean counting rubs me the wrong way. It's not as though Marvel and DC haven't tried introducing new characters that weren't white since the '70s, and have also tried to make them fairly prominent characters that were central to a lot of stories and concepts in their universes. Sometimes those efforts have been clumsy, sometimes they've done a good job. But I think they've always done so with good intentions. The number of readers who would not buy a book based solely on the race of the character(s) involved has to be extremely small, especially at this point. The reason that those characters haven't sold tons of books is because they aren't Batman, Wolverine, etc. Comic book readers have shown time and time again that they will buy comics featuring the same popular characters no matter what, and will ignore other books featuring new characters 99 out of 100 times, regardless of the character's race or gender. Even if a "hot" writer and/or artist are on the book, it will almost certainly die once they move on and it's handed off to a less-popular creative team.
I don't know how much harder people expect the Big 2 to try when it comes to diversity in their characters. They do have to sell comics, and they can't publish charity titles that lose money just to be more diverse. BLUE BEETLE featuring Jaime didn't get cancelled because readers just want white guys in their comics. His solo series ran longer than Ted Kord's did, after all.
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