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Default A COIE History and Tie in to IC

For those who need to be brought up to speed...

Up to 1984 DC published books that contridicted events in other books. For example, In some stories Superman began his career as superboy in smallville where in other stories he became superman after he left Smallville.

DC decided to merge all these Universes histories (Each containing an Earth) and make 1 universe which would be their current continuity.

Here are the important aspects of Pre-Crisis continuity...

Earth-1 Similar to what we know now. Current versions of Superman, Batman, The Flash(Barry Allen), JLA etc. This earth also had a supergirl who died during the crisis and after the universes merged was wiped from existance.

Earth-2 This earth was the Golden Age Heroes Such as The Flash (Jay Garrack), Green Lanteren (Alan Scott) and the rest of the JSA original heroes. Important to note, this earth also had a Superman who was much older then the one on earth-1. This Superman was in his 70s and had greying hair at his temples. Also, Earth-2 is where PowerGirl was from. On this earth she was Supergirls Earth-2 counterpart, cousin to superman.

Earth-3 This earth was where the Crime Syndicate of America (Evil vesrions of the JLA) lived. They had 1 hero, Lex Luthor who was married to Lois Lane.

Earth-4 This earth contained properties of Charlton Comics, which was merged with DC and their characters merged with DCU after the crisis. The Charlton Heroes were Blue Beetle, Nightshade, Thunderbolt, The Question and others.

Earth-6 Only relevant in that there was only 1 survivor, Lady Quark

Earth-S This is where Capt. Marvel, CM jr and Mary Marvel are from. Much of Earth-S history was merged when the universes merged.

Earth-X On this Earth, We lost WW2 and contained heroes from the 1940s Quality Comics. Many of he heroes here were merged as well but perished in IC 1. These heroes where the Ray, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, the Human Bomb and Uncle Sam. None of these Heroes where actually from Earth-X they just came to help the war, they where originally from Earth-2

Earth-Prime Without getting too much into detail because it will confuse most people. On this earth comics from earth-1 are published but there was a superboy who made his way to the merged earths to help fight the crisis.

A very long time ago, i scientist on OA wanted to open the door to creation and watch the universe be born. When he opened the door, he caused a rift with created the Anti-matter universe and the multi-verse. The scientist was banished and the top guys on OA became the Guardians of the universe and created the green lantern corps to attone for the sins of that scientist. AT that instant on the moons on OA and Qward (The anti matter version of OA) the Monitor and Anti-Monitor were born. They fought for years untill they both where Frozen.

Over a billion years later, a scientist on one of the unnamed earths decided he too wanted to learn the secrets of the universe, he opened the door and destroyed his universe and earth. This character was Pariah, last seen in Villians United #6. WHen his universe was destroyed, he woke the monitor and anti monitor but. The Anti-monitor realized that when a positive matter universe was destroyed, he became stronger. So he set out to destroy all positive matter universes in the multiverse. Paraiah had 3 sins. Destroying his universe, waking the Anti-Monitor, and allowing the anti-monitor to realize that if a positive matter was destroyed, he became more powerful. For those sins, pariah was forced to watch every universe be destroyed.

As each earths where destroyed, The earth would be filled with natural disasters, the skies would become red, then the anti-monitors shadow demons would come then an anti-matter wall would show up to destroy everything in its path.

The monitor created a machine that began wiping out universes. The monitor set out to stop him. To do this he saved a young girl named Lyla and called her harbinger, Harbinger gathered heroes to fight the crisis. Monitor also saved Earth-3s Lex and Lois Luthors child (Alexander Luthor) when he brought Alex out of his universe, Alex became part matter and Part Anti Matter and aged quickly. From infant to early 30s in a few days.

The Anti-Monitor also controlled harbinger and forced her to kill the monitor, by doing so, his energies brought Earths-1,2,4,S,X to a limbo a safe area. On these earths, they where still in perl however because the vibrations which seperated them where slowing down and they would soon collapse.

ALex Luthor opened a portal to the ANtimatter universe and brought heroes (Supergirl, Superman-1, Superman-2 and others) there to kill the anti-monitor. They stormed his palace and found machines which were causing the earths to be destroyed more quickly. Supergirl destroys the machine then dies almost killing the anti monitor which he rockets away to recover.

As the world morns supergirl, The anti-Monitor prepares an antimatter cannon which will destory the reminig earths. Flash and psychoPirate turn the antimonitors minions against him then flash destroys the cannon and rockets himself backwards in time and dies.

The Villians (Led by Luthor and Braniac) Unite the villians and attack earth 4,x and s. They take over the planets and issue a warning that they are coming for earths 1 and 2. That never happens because the Spectre reveals that the AntiMonitor is at the dawn of time ready to destroy all of existince. The Spectre fuled by all the magic heros destroys the monitor at the dawn of time and 1 unified earth made of 1,2,4,s and x is created.

In a last ditch effort, the Antimonitor brings the unified Earth to the antimatter Universe to kill everyone on it. The heros kill him and bring the earth back. Superman-2 kills the Anti-Monitor once and for all. Alex Luthor reveals that Lois Lane from Earth-2 was spared. Superman-2, Lois Lane 2, Superboy-Prime and Alex Luthor leave the galaxy since they arent supposed to exist.

Key Plots that remain today...
Superman-2, Lois Lane 2, Superboy-Prime and Alex Luthor who where key players are still around and have apparently come back.

PsychoPirate who was recruited by A-M to turn the heros against each other, remembers the Crisis, and recent events in JSA classified could lead to him working for him again.

PowerGirl/Supergirl - Counterparts from earth 1 and 2. Powergirls existance made sense, post-crisis since only 1 version from each earth was supposed to survive. Now with Supergirls return recently, it seems that history may be collapsing, Technaclly, powerGirl IS supergirl from Earth-2. Two of them shouldnt exist.

Donna Troy - As reveled in RODT, she remembers all of her other earth lives, In one life, she was he Anti-Monitors version of Harbinger. She seems to be the only character to remember all of her different versions.

Wally West - In COIE comic When Barry rocketed through time, he became the lighting bolt that gave him his powers. In Wolfmans Novel, when he rocketed back he became the lightning bolt that gave Wally his powers, picking his successor. Technically, if history collapses, wally may never get flash powers.

The Spectre - The one resposible for ending Anti-Monitors rampage using Magic funneled by all magic users is now destroying all magic. A point to note is that in Day of Vengence the shadowpact used this same technique to battle the spectre.

Lex Luthor - A point noting was that when the villians where united to attack earths 4,s,x under leadership of Luthor and Braniac, Luthor from earth 2 spoke up and demanded that he lead the forces at which point Luthor killed him. This Luthor may be back since a 2nd luthor was revealed in VU. Also, Luthor and Braniac are teaming up again as seen in Teen Titans.

And Lastly...

My theroy is that Max Lord, Supergirl, the Spectre and Lex Luthor are bieng controlled by Anti-Monitor once again to nullify key losses in his war

Max Lord to create a new army of his shadow Warriors - The OMAC In the antimatter universe, he created his best occupants to be shadow Warriors, the same way citizens of earth are bieng created as OMACs (Loss 1 of AMs plan, his shadow warriors where destroyed by the Heroes.)

Supergirl - Technically her or PowerGirl should not exist. PowerGirl is earth-2s supermans cousin so why are there 2 versions of the same counterpart? (Loss 2 of AM plan - Supergirl destroyed his machines and almost killed him)

Lex Luthor - AM used the villians to conquor the worlds which they failed (Loss 3)

The Spectre - The spectre is destroying magic. Magic is what ultimatally destroyed the AM (Loss 4)
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Donna Troy - As reveled in RODT, she remembers all of her other earth lives, In one life, she was he Anti-Monitors version of Harbinger. She seems to be the only character to remember all of her different versions.
This apparently took place on Earth-7, an Earth that as far as I know didn't exist untill this RoDT mini.
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