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I think his given name is Primferry Dovetonsil, which helps explain his need for revenge on authority figures.
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Example Abin Sur crash landed his spaceship on earth and died you know the story but why would a GL who has the power to fly through space with his/her ring need a spaceship? That was a queation that went on for many years until Alan Moore came and gave a written and illustrated reason why ABin Sur used a spaceship in GLC.
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Actually, an earlier story addressed this before Moore reworked it. Moore's was still the superior treatment -- "Tygers" IIRC in GLC Quarterly -- but an earlier explanation did exist.

Green Lantern (series 2) #16, "Earth's First Green Lantern"

Abin Sur had been possesed by an alien being who believed he needed to use a ship to conserve the ring's power. Through an elaborate ruse, Abin defeated the alien but he ended up being blinded by yellow light in Earth's Aurora Borealis which led to his death from the crach and succession by Hal Jordan.
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