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Old June 22nd, 2006   WonderWatcher is offline   #225
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Just read issue #1 and was shocked, deeply.

Shocked because I fully expected to hate it and maybe after reading it once, I actually did hate it just a little bit : Why? Because I'm used to Perez v2 WW, because I loved Rucka's Diana, because I didn't really like the Diana Prince idea, because I definitely didn't like the Donna as Wonder Woman idea, because of the recent handling of Diana in IC, because of a myriad of other (mostly valid) reasons that other long time WW board posters (you know who you are) have mentioned.

And I was all ready to come here and post how this wasn't 'my' Wonder Woman and where was 'my' Diana and how 'my' Diana wouldn't do this or that etc etc....

Then I decided to put that aside and read the book again, just read it purely as a Wonder Woman comic book story.

And, you know what, it was a good read and it

Of course it's hugely different from Rucka and equally obviously (for me) Wonder Woman can only be Diana so I'm expecting her to pull on the wonderpanties again at some time in the near future but why not let Donna have her go at the role for a bit?. Just so long as it isn't permanent....

It also goes without saying that the artwork is beautiful.

Yes, the new direction is going to take some getting used to for a few of us long term readers. It's already clear that Heinberg's take is going to be much lighter hearted and action orientated than Rucka's but I'm going to read the full arc before passing judgement. I've just got a feeling it's going to be a fun read and Heinberg's take on WW will work out just fine.

Does anyone else remember when Comics were fun ?.

I think I can live with that for 5 issues or however long Heinberg stays.

So, I was shocked yes, but in the end it turns out in a good way.
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Old June 22nd, 2006   Flying Saucers Over Oz is offline   #226
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Yeah, I tend to agree the sudden shifting of gears is a big reason why some, including me, have difficulty with the new direction; it's like you're watching THE TIN DRUM and suddenly it's replaced with a Heckle and Jeckle cartoon. It might be a very GOOD Heckle and Jeckle cartoon, but it's still disorienting.

My misgivings about the bad guys aside, I wouldn't mind this new version too much, if only Diana stays as WW. Donna taking her place... Maybe for OYL, but not on a permanent basis, no.
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Old June 24th, 2006   abyss is offline   #227

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Wow I think WonderWatcher pretty much nailed it right on the head. I too recently picked up issue one and well i didn't expect to hate it but I thought it had to really impress me espcially after Ruka's exceptional run. But I did enjoy for what it was. I will stick with the title until the story arc is finished. Not sure how I feel bout Donna Troy ive never found to be an interesting character she was always rather two dimensional. But she was likeable in the first issue and I am intriguiged by this Diana Prince subplot...and I am looking forward to seeing other of WW Rogues Gallery.
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