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Default Justice League vs Suicide Squad

This mini is one of the strongest "event" stories I've read in a long time, and thought it deserved it's own thread.

I really feel like they've knocked it out of the park on this one for several reasons:
1. Stuff happens every issue. I can't say this enough times. So many recent event stories start with a first issue that sets up a lot of promise, AND THEN NOTHING HAPPENS EXCEPT PEOPLE STANDING AROUND PONDERING ALL THE WHAT-IFS FOR ISSUES AND ISSUES. (Marvel, I'm looking at you). The forward momentum is what is making JL v. SS a great ride.

2. It's character driven. Seeing the character interactions has been a lot of the fun, because they're acting "in character", and it's not just a bunch of costumes packed onto a page. So many recent mini's force millions of characters into the story, and yet I care about none of them. Inhumans vs X-men is a good example of idea why I should care about anybody in the story, although the "concept" is intriguing. (In theory I care about the mutants, but I don't care young Angel or Young Beast and can't fathom who half the nu Inhumans are).

3. The story isn't based on somebody's death. That type of story is usually good for one great shock, but ultimately falls flat (and mangles the mythos of said character for years to come).

4. It comes out on time. Can't say that enough times either. Not only is it frustrating to wait on delayed event books, but by the time some of them got their conclusions I could barely remember the point of it. And certainly any subtleties in the storytelling were lost in the ether of time. Again, Marvel has literally undermined their entire line over the last several years with interruptive events that drag on and on...with the results showing up in other books long before the final issue of the main book (ridiculous). In the interest of not just picking on Marvel, Forever Evil was guilty of dragging on and on as many DC books lost any and all momentum. The newly launched JL of A book never recovered.

Long story short, kudoes to DC for putting together a well executed event that is also a great read.
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It has been rather well done. All the characters feel like themselves and act like themselves which has been pretty rare for big crossovers.
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Just finished issues 5/6 of SS vs. JL.

Overall, I'd say it held up to the high standard it set at the beginning. The final issue felt a tad rushed to wrap everything up, but still delivered resolution.

The ending also had a nice balance of offering future plot teasers, but not being SO vague as to feel like it didn't wrap anything up (the sin of many mini's...too afraid to conclude anything).

I enjoyed the developments with Max Lord, and am also warming up to Killer Frost (no puns intended). I wasn't initially thrilled with the idea of her joining the Justice League, but see her now as more of a tragic character ready for redemption.

Conversely, I'm still hating the idea of Lobo joining the JLA. I've never been a fan of Justice League being filled with villains. Never liked Luthor, Captain Cold or Heatwave as members...leave that stuff for more of the unconventional teams.

I'm also curious that the issue of the real Lobo showing up (who was supposed to be an impostor in the pages of the nu52 Lobo series) was never addressed. This IS the Lobo I like, and was actually hoping he would make reference to the other pretty Hot Topic Lobo as being the phony or some such. Maybe it will get addressed later.

One of the most fun elements of the mini overall was seeing a "first" meeting between two iconic teams. This is something DC hasn't taken enoughy advantage of since the dawn of the nu52 over 5 years ago.

I'd love to see an annual mini like this pairing the JL up with other teams "for the first time", a la the old Summer teamup with the JLA and JSA. Many of those stories are almost 50-60 years old now and quite dated. Would love to see a "first" meeting between the JLA and Earth 2 society, Legion, Titans, or any of the Multiversity teams. (We never had an Earth 4 meet up, even in the old days).

I'd give the mini an A overall.
"I slack, therefore I am".
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