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Default Mike Carlin tells us of the Shazam mini on

Here it is stright from DC editor Mike Carlin
tells us what is happening with the Captain Marvel Special:

NRAMA: Okay, moving on to Shazam. Judd Winick and Josh Middleton’s Shazam: First Thunder has filled the Captain Marvel appetite lately. So for Cap fans getting hungry again, what’s the status of the long-waited Jeff Smith-created Shazam: Monster Society of Evil project.

MC: That will be a separate story... not connected with established continuity per se... but Jeff is about half done with the art on the four-issue prestige series.

NRAMA: There are likely many readers new to the online comics community that weren’t around when the Jeff Smith project was first announced. Can you start by giving us a review of the known details of the project, and of course add whatever you can to that..?

MC: This one was announced quite a ways back, wasn't it? Well... we have been at the mercy of Jeff and his singular vision and ability on this particular series - and we always knew we would have to wait for him to finish his own Bone series. We all would admit that just took a little longer than any of us thought it would.

Still the Shazam: Monster Society Of Evil four-part story will be well worth the wait. It will be self-contained and very whimsical and charming.

Basically the story follows a young Billy Batson and his even younger sister, Mary, in their first tussle with Sivana. It will include several other classic Marvel villains and concepts (the "Monsters" in the "Society of Evil", even)... as well as a new take on Mr Tawky Tawny!

The tone is very appropriate to the established light-hearted-ness of classic Captain Marvel stories - but with a modern quality - a lot like Bone... which is why we called Jeff in the first place.

As I mentioned it is about half penciled and inked now... and we expect it to be all completed this year easily at this point.

NRAMA: As you acknowledge, this was announced several years ago by a publisher that has traditionally been conservative about announcing projects.

MC: Well... we did warn that it would take a while... though we admit that it took longer than we said. As mentioned it was originally aimed for 2004 release... but ending Bone just took Jeff longer than he anticipated. And doing a Jeff Smith Shazam without Jeff or Smith would not have done anyone any good.

But due to its unique and very separate "voice" nothing else in the line hinges on this story so the delays shouldn't affect the enjoyment when it is, at last solicited. (That part we were our usual sensible selves about... we haven't solicited this series yet!)

And Captain Marvel's been flying around the universe in various capacities while we all wait... so the Marvel Family is still very much a part of the DCU...

NRAMA: Speaking of which, last we saw of Captain Marvel, he has replaced the Wizard Shazam as caretaker of the re-formed Rock of Eternity, and presently can’t leave it.

Will that issue be resolved in time for the Smith project, or will it exist outside continuity?

MC: The Smith project will exist outside continuity... as to Captain Marvel in the Wizard's post, let's just say plans are being made that will address it but they're too early to talk about right now.
Well what do you think of Billy's future now?
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The Smith project will exist outside continuity... as to Captain Marvel in the Wizard's post, let's just say plans are being made that will address it but they're too early to talk about right now.
Mike Carlin
Well considering they told us about the Jeff Smith project about three years ago, and they're about half done with it now, I wonder what "too early to talk about right now" means? A quick resolution with lots of spoilers so they want to keep it quiet? Or something they haven't worked out a time and a place for resolution for yet....
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