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Definitely agree Superman is at the center of these things, I think by design. It's the Geoff Johns influence IMO; even going back to Infinite Crisis he's metatextualized the idea that Superman is the center of the DC Universe. So if there was (as appears to be the case) some sort of alteration to the DC Universe after Flashpoint, it makes sense that splitting Superman in two would be the catalyst, and that undoing the split would be the catalyst for fixing it.

And yea as for the spoiler part:

SPOILER. Highlight below text to read
Retconning Jon in as part of this Earth's continuity pretty well shoots in the head the idea of the main heroes having only been around 5-6 years, yes? If Superman and the other original JLAers are contemporaries then they're all back to around their pre-Flashpoint ages as well. It appears they're keeping some vestiges of the New 52, presumably the most popular bits, but largely reinstating the old continuity, with an in-story excuse to change whatever they wanted to change.

Which is, y'know, kind of huge. I'm actually surprised it rolled out in an issue of Action rather than a line-wide event.

Flash #19 has some Rebirth-y stuff this week too. Very stoked for The Button.
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Same here. While I like the idea of what's now "in-continuity", the new 52 timeline doesn't work very well anymore. If the new 52 began 5 years in, ran for 5 years before Rebirth (which is 6 months old?),...that gives us 10 & 1/2 years of superhero activity...
SPOILER. Highlight below text to read
...and Jon is their in-continuity son with an in-continuity marriage...that means the Clark/Lois marriage would have had to occur within the first few weeks of his public career and Lois getting pregnant almost immediately. I can buy a marriage a couple years in, but the WW/Supes romance & series would pretty much be wiped out unless we restored the full "MISSING 10 YEARS" they keep referring to.

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