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The Legion of Super-Heroes story in Action. That was great
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Sorry MkBear

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Oh geez... if I had to choose? I'd be here until the Second Coming.

Flash: Crossfire...Flash fighting all those villians at once...the wackiness of his inner mind's world while taken over by The Thinker? Rebuilding the bridge?

no, wait..

Flash: Blitz...I adore Hunter Zolomon's insanity. He was much more fun as a loony with a warped sense of friendship than he ever was as a bitter man...

Flash: Ignition...Wally unknowingly fraternizing with Len Snart. The whole Batman and Wally in the cemetery with Wally more concerned about 'so and so is really--?!' rather than what else Batman is trying to get across. lol JL kidnaps unknown Flash who refuses to stick around and satisfy the curiosity of a bunch of spandexed heroes while his wife was awol...

Flash: Secret of Barry Allen...because what was not to love about Wally's KidFlash reaction to the Batcave and then Batz himself standing there looking all grumpy and Dark Knightish...then their later encounter where Wally stands up to him?

So much win. I can't choose, so I'm going to have to declare them all keepers.
People had been working for so many years to make the world a safe organized place. Nobody realized how boring it would become. ~Palahniuk
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