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Default Blade of Kumori (Devil's Due/Aftermath)

I read the five issues of this yesterday Ron, and I was pleased that the few preconceptions that I had were unfounded.

I don't know why but I expected either a retread of the 'bad girl' trend, or a dour story of honour. It was neither and overall I enjoyed the five issues.

Inevitably given the premise honour was a theme of the book, but I was genuinely surprised by how the character acted and the decisions you took, especially over Kumori not killing Cam White before killing her next target. No black and white morality here, but difficult choices not necessarily backed by notions of justness or rightness.

I liked the cast you were building up with the East-meets-West paradigm. I have a couple of minor quibbles (the relationship between Kumori and Hiro and their seemingly 'public displays of affection' seemed at odds with the traditionalism around the setting in which she lived with her father; no explantion was offered as to how she overcame the traditional role of a samurai woman), but nothing that really spoiled my enjoyment of the book.

It is a shame the series went without conclusion to the first arc as I wanted to see how things played out (I suspect that Kumori's father would have died leaving two traids of charcters and so some symmetry in the East-meets-West set-up), and I wantedd to know the source of both Kumori's uniqueness and how Synth was created by her employers, but I did enjoy reading what was there and would recommend the books to anyone wanting something slightly different and less mainstream from their superheroes.

I wish I and others had been aware of the books at the time, maybe that arc would havebeen finished. Thanks anyway Ron.

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