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Old October 30th, 2015   thbriboy is offline   #1
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Default When, O When, Does Darkseid War Occur?

(in relation to Green Lantern)

I've really been trying my best to be patient and let the answers come to me, but I give up. At first I thought that maybe it took place right before Geoff's last arc on GL, but that doesn't make sense because Sinestro already had taken possession of Parallax in Forever Evil, which necessarily predates Darkseid War.

Then I figured maybe it takes place between Geoff's GL run and Venditti's, but that doesn't work either because one immediately follows the other in terms of time and place.

THEN I wondered if maybe it takes place on the heels of the Godhead arc, since A). Hal clearly recognizes the New Gods in Justice League, and B). he was sent home briefly by the Guardians on mandatory "shore leave." But, after reading the latest issue of JL, that doesn't pan out either, since Hal's reaction to Batman's warning is that Oa is in trouble (which was destroyed and replaced by Mogo as the GL HQ at the end of Venditti's first arc).

And of course, it can't be taking place concurrently with the GL book, because there Hal is on the run and long-haired (and ringless).

So... Is Darkseid War set in the future? Or, maybe more likely, is the GL line of books set in the past?

Just as long as we aren't looking at another Guy-Gardner-is-a-clone situation...
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Old November 2nd, 2015   starks is offline   #2
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I think it's just Geoff doing his own thing more than anything. He's going with the iconic looks, and just isn't referencing anything that's going with the GL titles. I mean, Hal's look & direction in his own title is nonsensical.
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Story over continuity now.
So it doesn't matter.

This is the way of things.
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I've been assuming it happened PRIOR to the other current titles, based on:
Bruce is still Batman
WW in old costumre
Superman not depowered
GL in old costume with ring
(before leaving the Corps?)
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Old November 23rd, 2015   Begather is offline   #5

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Story over continuity now.
So it doesn't matter.

This is the way of things.
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darthlucifuge View Post
I think it does matter.
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