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Well Black Condor was Rags Morales who was not at all like the Image style. Quesada on the mini and whoever did the series were probably more like the ongoing style of the 90s.

A lot DC from that era I find hard to go back to (and have gotten rid of) but there are still some titles I have a softspot for.
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Now I know folks weren't talking smack about Tomorrow Woman for having a Pinocchio complex.

She actually had like the opposite of any Pinocchio complex many robots tend to have. She didn't care about being alive or real. Which was particularly evident when she appeared in Hourman #2. She considered herself real. Her story was basically to show that even if you made an intelligence and it didn't know what freedom was it'd still strive for it. That people at their base will choose good over evil.
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I know this is an old thread an i may be off on this side show comment.

but it seems several people think that the vision is Pinocchio like.
"wanting to be a real boy". I guess there are some writers who go that route but the best writing of Vision to me is not so much that line but the fact that he really is a MAN with an android body. He's more mr Spock than Data.
Spock liked to ACT as if he had no emotions but was often a seething stew of emotion just below the surface. Vision's original origin was that he had human braincells or consciousness or brainwaves added to the android brain and body. Ultron got it from the brain of wonder man. Which always made them both uncomfortable to be around each other.

Vision is not red Tornado or Data or any other "i want to be a real boy" themed robots.
Vision is basically grown man stuck in a synthetic body trying to deal with who he is.

At least in the 616 universe.
In the new film he's something else.
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This really an interesting info..
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