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Arrow SPOILERS Aquaman issue #22 Preview & Discussion


Written by GEOFF JOHNS
1:25 B&W Variant cover by PAUL PELLETIER and SEAN PARSONS
On sale JULY 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
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Okay. I've been thinking about this issue a lot. Here's what I've come up with.

An ancient subspecies of advanced, water-breathing humans created seven enormous vessels through which to rule the Seven Seas. Thousands of people lived on each. The High King of this civilization bestowed upon each of the lesser Kings under his rule a powerful golden artifact, as a reward for their service.

But the King of the vessel which patrolled the Atlantic Ocean, possessor of the golden trident, became overly ambitious. He staged a bloody coup. The true King was sealed within a tomb of ice, and the other six vessels were lost. Those who were still loyal to the old King were sent to the pocket dimension of Xebel, beneath the Bermuda Triangle. To ensure that the surface humans would never threaten his rule, the King sank his vessel to the bottom of the sea, and sealed it's controls in a manner known only to himself.

Years passed. Over time, the people of the sunken vessel, Atlantis, forgot their home had ever been anything other than a city. Most of the once-sacred golden artifacts found themselves in the hands of surface dwellers. The old King, now called the Dead King, was mostly forgotten. The people of Xebel always remembered that Atlantis was their enemy, but over several generations the exact nature of their grievance became unimportant.

Now, a surface criminal named the Scavenger has somehow discovered the method of unlocking Atlantis's controls. And the city will once again rise from the ocean depths.

(Also Swatt is totally a new version of the Eel.)
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That would be interesting.

But I didn't get that at all from what Geoff has presented thus far. His story has moved at a glacial pace.

Maybe you should be writing the title. I'd be more interested in what you present than the actual writer of the title.
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