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How many of you are picking up all the tie-in issues? Haven't made up my mind yet; just getting the main plus the GL books right now.
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Old July 4th, 2009   DeTroyes is offline   #18
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Whats with Titans #15 and Solomon Grundy? How are they tie ins?
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Don't know about Solomon Grundy, but Titans #15 is explicitly stated to be a tie-in to Blackest Night: Titans in the solicit.
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Old July 4th, 2009   EmeraldSpeedster is offline   #19
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Solomon Grundy is perhaps a tie in because the purpose of the miniseries is to avert Grundy's potentially unlimited threat during Blackest Night. As an already undead behemoth that has many times matched forces with the great entities of the DC universe, wielding newfound powers would be an extra catastrophe to handle. Alan Scott was notified by the Phantom Stranger of the coming of the Blackest Night and the necessity to remove Solomon Grundy as a piece on the playing board. He is to atone for his sins and finally end the curse placed upon him long ago.
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