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Default Adam Hughes Comments on ALL-STAR WONDER WOMAN

On John Byrne's message boards:

Adam T Hughes
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Posts: 4 Posted: 27 July 2006 at 10:32am | IP Logged

I was forwarded this by a friend, so I felt the need to join up and say something, partly to quash rumors.

First up, "Then you read that Adam Hughes is going to do a monthly". Ouch. Not sure if that puppy I ran over last week was Chuck's, but now I'm thinking it was...

Secondly, I am not doing a 'monthly'. My commitment to ALL-STAR WONDER WOMAN is for 6 issues. My schedule is to hand in 10 pages, pencilled and inked, a month. The issues will be released monthly, on-time, because we're starting far enough in advance. You will get your ALL-STAR WONDER WOMAN every four weeks.

I think that if the announcement had been worded that 'Adam Hughes is doing 132 pages of WONDER WOMAN', there'd be less confusion and consternation.

Next, may I be allowed to take umbrage at the suggestion that anyone who does not/can not create a monthly comic is either casual or (more offensively) unprofessional and irresponsible. I realize that this is the wrong place to suggest this, but the notion that you are not a real comic artist if you can't do a monthly book is archaic. Prolific masters like John Byrne and Jack Kirby are the exceptions, not the rule. Would you call Neal Adams unprofessional or irresponsible, just because HE never did a monthly book? All 12 issues of WATCHMAN didn't ship on time; is Dave Gibbons therefore merely a casual dabbler in our medium? Anyone care to call Brian Bolland names for being slow? Perhaps KILLING JOKE should have been given to a DC artist who was doing a monthly book, as a reward for productivity.

I'm sorry that I cannot do a comic a month; I wish I could. So does my accountant. But I cannot. "A man's got to know his limitations" as a wise man with a loaded gun once said. I know what I can and cannot do. Faced with the choice of hacking out a mediocre Adam Hughes comic 12 times a year or working at my own natural pace and doing work that I can be proud of, I personally choose quality over quantity. It's not for everyone, it's just how this cat is wired. I don't think EVERYONE should slow down and work at this pace. I think everyone should find their niche and excel at what they do best.

And before anyone decides to get all 'harrumphy' on me, I am not saying that everyone who does a book a month hacks it out. My firm implication is that I and I alone would be a hack, if I were to produce work at that personally unnatural pace.

I understand the nature of the business, and of fandom. I remember what it was like as a boy, wondering why Michael Golden didn't do a monthly book. However, I never considered to imply his professionalism was suspect; I just assumed what he did took more time. Expecting me to draw as fast as John Byrne is like me expecting YOU (whoever you may be) to jump 12 feet in the air. You can't? But Michael Jordan can. And everybody is the same, right?

Please just sit back, enjoy all manner of comics as they come out. It's a fabulous art form with room for all manner of creative endeavor. If you care to, please try out my 6 issues of ALL-STAR WONDER WOMAN when I'm finished with them. I'm really excited about this assignment, and I think I have some cool stuff in store. If you cannot, however, approach the notion of me doing a book like this with something resembling basic human optimism and enthusiasm, then I'l thank you to kiss my man-sized ***.

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