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Default Who will defend Jade's honor?

It's strange, I actually used to love her when I was a teenager. She had dark hair, and green skin, was dating a superhero, and was the daughter of another superhero. She seemed fun!

After a while of not reading Green Lantern, I read Homecoming? and I ended very angry at the writer. How dare he portray Jade like this! I grumbled, and mumbled, and shelved my thoughts about her well past Rebirth. Outsiders didn't impress me, and she didn't make many appearances otherwise, so she dropped off my RADAR.

Then, while I was reading the Return of Donna Troy mini-series I took a good long look at Jade and decided I didn't really like her that much, at all.

And it wasn't just the way Jiminez wrote her. I looked at my back issues with this character and realized I didn't really like the way Ron Marz wrote her. So, I reread my Judd Winnick issues, and focused on Jenny rather than Kyle. Call me underwhelmed, yet again.

And, while I have nowhere close to the entire run of Infinity Inc, in the issues I do have, she didn't seem the least bit interesting.

In fact, I realized, that I loathe her. I despise her. I would rather see Donna Troy than Jade in a comic book right now, and that's saying a lot. There are fundamental aspects of her concept that I find extremely distatseful, and, from a feminist's point of view, I can make a pretty good case for her death.

So, why bring my revulsion of this "character" to these peaceful Message Boards? Well, I have a very simple request:

I want you to make me like her again.

She's already shown up in Infinite Crisis, and appears likely to be prominently featured there and possibly in the Rann-Thanagar War tie-in special. If, by some freakish malfunction of the writer's logic, she survives -- she'll still be connected heavily to Green Lantern and JSA, two titles that I very much enjoy reading. I would hate for her presence to affect that.

So I figure, there has to be an intelligent Jade fan out there somewhere who can make a good case for her continued existence, and here is probably the best place to ask without it turning into a flame war.

And I'm not asking for "she's a strong woman" or "she's cute" or "she's caring" I need specific character traits supported by actions and words that are written into the DC canon. Why is she fun, why is she good-hearted?

And there is to be No Blaming of The Writer. Of course it's the writer's fault she did something cruel, or came up short in a fight, or said something unbelievably stupid. Without the writer, she would not exist. We're talking about fictional characters here, and what composes their personality is the entirely of what's written. Until such time as an action is retconned away, or revealed as under mind-control, it counts. So no saying "She was a great character until Raab..." Uh-uh. That's cheating. Blaming other characters, however, is acceptable. People do act differently around some people than others.

Specifically, I'm asking:

What does her presence add to the DCU?
What does her presence add to the Green Lantern canon?
What valuable personal qualities does she possess?
Would you be comfortable if your daughter looked up to her?

I understand, this is a tall order, and a long post (in fact, right after this I intend to outline why I dislike her so much, to help you in your arguments). This will not be easy, and I will understand completely if, come next week, I see this post moved to the very last page with 0 replies. She's a difficult one to defend. And I feel its only fair to warn you, I'm a Taurus. That means bullheaded, to you normal folks. I'm particularly resistant to this sort of thing, and a lot of arguments for her may be the same as my personal arguments against her. She may not be worth the headache. But, I'm nothing if not open-minded, or at least extremely fickle, so it could work.

Thank you, and good evening.
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