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Default DC's M.I.A. properties

SO...going into the 7th year of nu52 + Rebirth, I'm starting to sorely miss several properties that have either been completely absent or grossly underutilized the last 7 years.

With DC's anouncement of the next 4 new titles (none of which look very promising other than maybe the Mr Terrific team title), I'm really starting to wonder about the future of the following:

1. Legion of Super Heroes. Yes this has been hinted at, but also very minimal follow up on the Saturn Girl in Arkham plot thread. Emerald Empress ran around then left, but not a peep from Imra Ardeen. I get that LSH continuity has been a cluster for a while now, and the nu52 version ignored all the main characters we liked until it was too late...but can we at least see some build up to a return? Also with Mon-El as a regular on the Supergirl TV series, seems like a perfect time.

2. JSA. Probably missing this one the most, particularly since we're going into our 7th year without an appearance. This one seems more likely to return after Doomsday Clock...but again pretty minimal teasers other than a Jay appearance that told us virtually nothing. Earth 2 was probably supposed to fill this void, but got so distorted at the end that it felt utterly unlike the JSA we knew and liked.

3. Black Adam. If DC is going to make a movie, shouldn't he be making some appearances? Has he even been seen since the dawn of nu52? Khandaq and Adrianna Tomaz have been referenced that I recall, but umm....

4. Shazam. Similar story here. There was a great set-up SEVEN YEARS AGO when Geoff did the backup story origin in JLA...but nothing after other than some very forgettable appearances as a JL member. The other Shazam kids never referenced again. His origins and backstory only vaguely referenced again if that. Mostly he played video games with Cyborg in the Watchtower. Not exactly the stuff of an upcoming major motion picture. Where is a long-awaited monthly?

5. Young Justice. With the upcoming return of my beloved animated show, the time seems ripe for revisting this team concept and exploring several of the missing teenaged characters that fall under this umbrella, such as Miss Martian, Artemis, and possible rebirth (i.e. likeable) versions of Conner and Cassie. Tim has gotten his due in Detective, but would be a great team book to let him shine without stepping on the toes of the Titans books.

What else is everybody missing? Personally I'm hoping we can hurry up and cancel Damage and the other nonsense debuting soon so we can get some of the titles I really want and would buy in a heartbeat.
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I'm missing JSA, Legion of Super-Heroes, and Shazam! the most...

I want the titles I buy to come back!!! Thank goodness for Black Lightning, and hopefully Hawkman!!
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