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Okay, this is so out of date it's not funny. WB's new, new strategy is....drop everything Snyder related like a red hot poker, while still keeping some of it intact. Shazam's over at New Line, while there's no sign of any Vertigo titles hitting there soon. Aquaman hit big, and along with Wonder Woman seems to be the only sequels in store for the initial line-up.

After the Batman v Superman and Justice League fiascos, Affleck and Caville are out, Ezra Miller's Flash probably is, and Cyborg....just disappeared.

Strangely there are a bunch of Joker and Harley Quinn movies, though I don't recall anyone asking for them. BOP isn't BOP, but rather a Margot Robbie star vehicle.

Meanwhile, their TV line-up is going great guns. We have Fox's Gotham serving out its final year and promising a Batman before it's over. The Arrowverse shows are all doing fairly well, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends, (which has quietly morphed into the best of the bunch, and the new kid, Black Lightning. And over on DC's new streaming service, we've got Titans, Doom Patrol, and Stargirl, plus more Harley stuff. Seriously, I could do with less Harley all around. Of those, only Titans has run a season so far, (with very mixed reviews). Syfy has Krypton, set for it's second season run and an introduction to live-action Lobo.

Which leaves....very few DC characters of any note who haven't had any live action appearances. Captain Atom, Power Girl off the top of my head, (though Ted Kord hasn't had a live action appearance YET, he's been name-dropped in the Arrowverse, and Reyes has appeared...sort of, in Smallville.
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