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The next Wonder Woman writer, after Jodi Picoult and Allan Heinberg, is... Kurt Busiek!

For two issues. Tying into "Superman" #661. Maybe.

After that, who knows? Well, probably Gail, but let's try and preserve the illusion of suspense!
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This isn't true.

Or rather, the pieces of it are, but the assumptions built on them aren't true. What a surprise that Rich Johnston would leap to conclusions and get something wrong in the rush to announce things...

The creative team that did SUPERMAN #661 are doing a follow-up to that story, yes. It is not true, however, that it'll appear after Jodi Picoult's issues and before the next writer's run begins. It's a two-parter being done for the drawer, for such time as it's needed.

As such, the next writer after Picoult will almost certainly be the next regular writer, and Richard's, Eduardo's and my story will come along sometime after that.

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